Wandering Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Part 2

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Opening in October 1995, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort was the first resort to open outside the theme park boundaries. Less than a two-hour drive southeast from Walt Disney World, the Atlantic Ocean serves as the scenic backdrop for the resort which offers a 112-room inn and 60 vacation villas situated right on the coastline. In last week’s post I showed you the inside areas of the resort, including the lobby, restaurant and spa. This week, let’s take a stroll around the grounds. We left off at these comfy rockers on the back porch…


I think the star of the show here is definitely the ocean so let’s head to beach. On the way we’ll pass the pool so we might as well sneak a peek.


Even Disney can’t top Mother Nature – this is what you come to Vero Beach for…

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Looking back at the resort you can see just how close it is to the beach.


The Green Cabin is where you can rent chairs and toys for the beach.

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Here’s a tip: you might want to pick up some cheap beach chairs on your way to the resort. Even if you drop them in a donation bin on your way back to Orlando, it would save you some money over the rental prices.


Access to the beach is very easy. There’s a nice ramp that leads right down to the sand.

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There’s a place to rinse off the sand before heading back into the resort.


Now we can take a walk around the pool, which is directly across from the beach access.


They say this pool is shaped like a Mickey head, but I think that’s a stretch. Instead of the zero-entry access that you see at many of the Walt Disney World pools, this one has steps. Or, you can slide in via the lighthouse shaped pool slide. There is a lift for people with disabilities at both the pool and the spa.

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The splash zone for the little ones is very cute.

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There are lots of fun things to do in the pool area – there’s even a miniature golf course!


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You can stay in shape at the Anchors-A-Weigh Fitness Center, but as you can see there aren’t a whole lot of people going that route!

post_IMG_7715_1200web post_IMG_7714_1200web post_IMG_7719_1200web post_IMG_7718_1200web post_IMG_7709_1200web

Or, how about some shuffleboard?

post_IMG_7698_1200web post_IMG_7711_1200web

The one thing that didn’t live up to bar set by Walt Disney World was the Community Hall. It just didn’t have the Disney feel.

post_IMG_7712_1200web post_IMG_7713_1200web

Go to Eb & Flo’s Rentals to sign up for special activities like Surf School and Kayak Adventure. Here’s where you can rent bikes for everyone in the family as well.

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Bleachers is the poolside quick service restaurant.

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post_IMG_7813_1200web post_IMG_7811_1200web

Vero Beach also has a signature restaurant, Sonya’s. I did not get a chance to eat there though, or even see the inside. All I got was a sneak peek through the blinds when is wasn’t set up for dinner.


Here is one of the cottages.

post_IMG_7685_1200web post_IMG_7684_1200web

There’s a campfire circle for s’more making.

post_IMG_7687_1200web post_IMG_7688_1200web post_IMG_7683_1200web

Across the road is a lovely area where you’ll find a small lake and picnic area and the sports courts – tennis, basketball, soccer and volleyball. There’s even horseshoes and archery.

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As you can see, there is plenty to do at Vero Beach. You can do everything or do nothing at all, and the nice thing is, you won’t feel like you’re missing something if you just sit around and watch the waves. You won’t leave here exhausted, that’s for sure. It’s very relaxing no matter how you spend your time – a perfect way to decompress and reconnect with your family after an action filled stay at Walt Disney World. That’s the end of our tour, but before we leave, let’s have another look at that beautiful ocean.

post_IMG_7690_1200web post_IMG_7689_1200web

For a tour of the room I stayed in when I was there, have a look at my this blog post: A Look at a Studio at Disney’s Vero Beach. In case you missed Part 1 of this tour, you can see it here.

~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director

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