A Look at a Studio at Disney’s Vero Beach

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In addition to seven beautiful resorts (soon to be eight!) on the Walt Disney World property, Disney Vacation Club has four other fantastic resorts – Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina; The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa; Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort; and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. It’s on my bucket list to stay at each and every one of them at least once. This spring I took a road trip and was able to check Vero Beach and Hilton Head off my list. Of course, I took tons of pictures while I was there. Today I’m giving you a tour of my room at Vero Beach.

Since this was my first stay at Vero Beach, I’m not sure, but I think my room had an unusual layout. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. The first thing I came upon when I walked into the room was the kitchenette on my right.

post_Photo May 05, 5 12 54 PM

The kitchenette was pretty much the same as the ones in the rooms at Walt Disney World. It had small sink and a full-size coffee maker.

post_Photo May 05, 5 13 36 PM

Above the sink was a microwave and toaster.

post_Photo May 05, 5 13 17 PM

The space below the counter housed the fridge.

post_Photo May 05, 5 11 43 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 12 34 PM

Here’s where things stray from the typical DVC studio layout. This studio actually had two rooms. The kitchenette was in a large, fairly empty room with nothing else but a chair and lamp. Although it seemed a bit odd at first, it was pretty cool to have all that space in a studio. Like I said, I’m pretty certain they are not all like this.

post_Photo May 05, 5 14 24 PM

This next picture is looking back towards the door and kitchenette. You can’t see the door in this photo but it’s on the wall to the left of the kitchenette. There was also a connecting door to the room next door straight across from the kitchenette. I kept thinking what a great play space this would make for kids.

post_Photo May 05, 5 15 25 PM

Around the corner I found the closet on my left.

post_Photo Jun 19, 9 24 04 PM

Inside was an ironing board, iron, and fire extinguisher.

post_Photo May 05, 5 17 42 PM

I also found a safe, a pack ‘n play crib, and an extra pillow and blanket.

post_Photo May 05, 5 17 57 PM

Just past the closet was the rest of my room. It was very nice. Even though I wasn’t at Walt Disney World, the room had that familiar DVC feel. The pale yellow and blue decor was very sweet and relaxing. There was a real comfortable, beachy vibe.

post_Photo May 05, 5 20 32 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 20 18 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 19 37 PM

At the end of one of the beds was a table with two chairs.

post_Photo May 05, 5 21 34 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 26 31 PM

There was quite a bit of storage space with drawers below the TV, in the nightstand and in the bench next to the TV.

post_Photo May 05, 5 25 44 PM

The TV was a little smaller than the ones I’ve seen in other DVC rooms. I suppose they figure you won’t be spending much time in the room with the Atlantic Ocean right outside!

post_Photo May 05, 5 28 13 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 26 00 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 20 49 PM

The bathroom sink was outside of the bathroom, which I really like. There was a hair dryer in the cupboard below the sink.

post_Photo May 05, 5 22 25 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 22 43 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 24 28 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 23 47 PM

Out on the patio were two chairs and a small table. Even though I had a standard view, if I stood on my toes, I could actually see a little bit of the pool. The patio was very private – no one could see onto it.

post_Photo May 05, 5 27 16 PM

post_Photo May 05, 5 27 02 PM

I liked this Studio at Disney’s Vero Beach quite a bit. Although I was no where near Walt Disney World, it definitely felt like the DVC rooms I’m used to staying in. It reminded me a bit of Old Key West in fact. While I was there I also took photos all around the resort. Watch for a Wandering Vero Beach blog in the next few weeks to see all that this beautiful resort has to offer.

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~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director

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