Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Merchandise

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For most guests, a visit to the Walt Disney World resort is not complete unless they have spent some time shopping for goodies to take home. With the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in full swing (the park opened October 1st 1971), there is lots of special merchandise available. 

WDW 50th Anniversary Minnie Ears

Although all four of the major parks (as well as Disney Springs) sell anniversary products, the largest selection is at the Magic Kingdom. The most choices in that park can be found at the Emporium on Main Street

Mickey Mouse in a character cavalcade in front of the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom

This blog showcases photos of the variety of 50th anniversary souvenirs found at the Emporium as of February 16th 2022. What is or isn’t in stock can change, but there are so many choices at the Emporium most guests will find themselves deciding how much to get; there are so many fun and interesting items for sale. I tried to include items that seem to be plentiful to avoid disappointment if you’re travelling to Walt Disney World soon. 

WDW 50th Anniversary shirt WDW 50th Anniversary shirt WDW 50th Anniversary shirt WDW 50th Anniversary shirt

There is Anniversary food, mugs, long and short sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, onesies, and other kids clothing, dresses, puzzles, backpacks, footwear, headgear, outerwear, sleepwear, key chains, magnets, fanny packs, soap dispensers, candy, jewelry, patches, pins and more. 

WDW 50th Anniversary spirit jersey

WDW 50th Anniversary pins

WDW 50th Anniversary merchandise WDW 50th Anniversary merchandise WDW 50th Anniversary merchandise

While the majority of items sold were designed new for the anniversary, there is some authentic retro merchandise available as well. A number of clothing items are sold in sizes that will fit the whole family, which is always fun. So, whether you want to celebrate the present Disney World or prefer to be reminded of days gone by (or both!), there is plenty to choose from.

WDW 50th Anniversary jacket

Disney has divided the 50th anniversary merchandise into categories:

  • Disney Castle Collection: As the name suggests, this collection contains items related to the Cinderella Castle. Guests will find many castle related collectibles, as well as clothing that is castle-related

WDW 50th Anniversary merchandise

  • The Vault Collection: All the retro stuff falls into this category. Guests can find opening day products for a wonderfully nostalgic feel. 
  • Earidescent Collection: Everything in this group of items shines! Ears, Jerseys, and even a pin of the castle are all available with an iridescent glow. 

WDW 50th Anniversary merchandise

WDW 50th Anniversary Mickey Ears


  • Luxe Logo Collection: This collection consists of upscale accessories and clothing. As the name indicates, these are higher-end items, including Mouse ears that sell for $750 and up.

As mentioned earlier, the photos included in this blog are from the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom, yet you can find 50th anniversary merchandise throughout Walt Disney World.  

What if you aren’t planning a Disney World trip this year but would like to purchase some merchandise? Don’t despair; check out the 50th anniversary collection on ShopDisney; https://www.shopdisney.com/uniquely-disney/parks-inspired/walt-disney-world-50th-collection/?originalTerm=50th&searchType=redirect&pdpRedirect=0   

Happy shopping and celebrating WDW’s 50th anniversary! 

Magic Kingdom Train Station with 50th Anniversary décor




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