Unwinding at the Resort: A Guide to a Relaxing Disney Vacation Club Day!

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When thinking about a Disney Vacation, the first thing most of us think about are the parks. What rides are top priority? What is the new food we have to try? What festival or after-hours party will be happening?

But what do you do when it’s your third day of rope drop to park close, and you’re in desperate need of a rest day?

This is something I have been thinking about more and more recently. I have been on plenty of trips to Disney, but they have always been jam-packed, and we have spent most of our time in the parks.

Exterior Shot of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort with the lake in front of it.

I love touring the resorts or hopping over for a meal. If I miss seeing a few different resorts on my trips now, I’m honestly kind of sad. So why aren’t I spending more time at the resort I’m staying at? I’m paying to stay there. I should try to get the full experience.

Exterior Shot of Disney's Beach Club Villas and a walking path in front of the building.

Today, I decided to map out my dream day at a Disney Vacation Club resort to help manifest it in 2024! While everything may not be the same (we all know Florida weather), this is my ideal day.

Exterior Shot of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I would wake up whenever I wanted, no setting an alarm for 6:50 am to grab a virtual queue or my first Genie+ ride selection. I would wake up once I felt rested. I enjoy a slow start to my mornings, so I would head out to the room balcony and enjoy the quiet of the morning with a fantastic view. Maybe even grab a book to read while I take in the beauty of the resort.

King-Sized Bed and Arm Chair in the One Bedroom Villa's Main Bedroom at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.

Queen-sized bed and Couch in the Studio Villa at Bay Lake Tower.

Once I feel ready to start the day, I would head over to the quick-serve option at the resort. If they have a mobile option, even better! I don’t want to waste a single second of my resort day, and if I’m on vacation, I am definitely not making any food. I would, of course, grab some Mickey waffles and probably some fruit (definitely grapes if they have them) to enjoy back in my room on the balcony.

Mickey Waffles and Bacon on a Paper Plate.

Turtle Pond Pool at Disney's Old Key West Resort with the Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks Shack in the background.

My first stop for the day after breakfast would be the pool. I prefer the resort’s quiet pool over the feature pool. I want my resort day to be as relaxing as possible. I love lounging poolside and soaking up as much sun as I can. It’s so nice to hop into the pool when you get too warm.

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort with a white bridge over the water.

After lazily enjoying the refreshing cool water, it would definitely be time for a snack. I always gravitate towards the sweet option when given a choice, so I think a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar would be the perfect choice at this time of day. And if I’m doing a full resort day, you bet I get a Refillable Resort Mug for this trip. There will definitely be plenty of trips to refill my mug.

Quiet Pool at Disney's Boardwalk Resort with a large chessboard on the pool deck.

Once I’ve read a few chapters of my book or just lounged about listening to music for a while, it’s lunchtime! I’m thinking of a quick trip over to the pool bar to grab a slice of pizza or a delicious salad.

Exterior of Conch Flats Community Hall at Disney's Old Key West Resort.

After lunch and lounging, it would be a great time to head over to the resort’s Community Hall to see if there are any free activities to participate in. Most resorts will have this in the monthly activities guide, so be sure to ask for a copy or find out where it will be posted in the resort to see what is happening during your stay.

Exterior of the Boardwalk Community Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

I have visited several Community Halls at DVC resorts, and it always shocks me how much there is to do for free! Borrowing movies, playing board games, coloring pages, or using complimentary sporting equipment like basketballs or shuffleboard equipment at the resort’s facilities.

Shuffle Board Court at Disney's Old Key West Resort.

After participating in free arts and crafts, I would head back to my room to prepare for the evening. I made a reservation for a table service meal at the resort to treat myself as part of this wonderful day. Getting all dressed up for a nice meal is one of my favorite things to do, especially at Disney. I can’t wait to enjoy this lovely meal.

Table Setting at Citricos Restaurant. The menu sits on the table with a glass and a small plate next to it.

Interior of Artist Point Restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.

After dinner, it would, of course, be time to stop by the campfire and enjoy some s’mores. I have seen so many people do this and am always so jealous of them. It looks so fun and like everyone is making new friends and memories.

Table at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge handing out S'mores kits.

Stone Fire pit with two marshmallows roasting overtop of the fire.

S'mores kit with Graham Crackers and Chocolate wrapped in plastic.

And my biggest must-do for a resort day would be a Movie Under the Stars! This has been something I have talked about plenty of times before in blogs and posts on our social media pages, but I don’t think I will ever stop talking about it. It’s such a cool idea to be able to enjoy one of your favorite Disney movies while hanging outside at night. It just looks so cozy and relaxing!

David's team members sitting in front of an inflatable movie screen watching Winnie the Pooh.

While I don’t know what resort I will have my first full resort day at, I know it will be in 2024! And I will definitely be purchasing some resort-specific merchandise to commemorate this trip.

Have you ever had a full resort day or multiple on a Disney vacation? What did you do, and how did you make it special? 




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