Returning to Disney: Why Walt Disney World is Not a One and Done

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When I travel, I usually look for something new. A new place to stay, a new sight to see, a new city or country to experience. However, I always find myself yearning to go back to Walt Disney World. What is it about Walt Disney World that makes me and so many other people want to return again and again? For some, it may be the nostalgia they feel from their first trip. For others, it might be the convenience that Disney offers. Well, I thought I would outline for you what it is about Walt Disney World that has had me return many times in the past 15 years!

Roy & Minnie statue at the Magic Kingdom


Walt Disney World is Always Changing

 As I mentioned above, I love experiencing new things when I travel. This makes Walt Disney World such a great place to return to because it is always changing! Between updating rides to debuting new resorts and restaurants, you will never have the same trip twice. Disney knows that we love to see something new, so they do a great job at teasing new projects through the parks and resorts.

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom

Construction at Epcot

Leave a legacy tiles at Epcot

However, they never give all of the information of what they are working on to ensure that they preserve the element of surprise. This anticipation and wonder make for such excitement as you plan your next trip since you cannot help but imagine what you will soon be experiencing! One of my favorite things to do is keep a list of all of the new things coming to Walt Disney World, as a type of wish list for what I want to do and see and eat the next time I am in Disney. This is such a hopeful list for me and keeps me daydreaming for months between my trips.

sign for the Ratatouille ride at Epcot



Walt Disney World is Convenient

 Disney can be a complex place to travel, especially for first-timers. Knowing this, Disney wants to makes things as simple as possible for their guests, and they do this in many different ways. Before you have even arrived on the property, a lot of your trip is already planned through your My Disney Experience app. You can plan your park days and dining reservations, making people who love to plan (like me) so happy! Then, once you have arrived at Walt Disney World, your My Disney Experience app does so much more! It can be used to track bus arrival time, ride wait times and can even be used to unlock your room if you are staying on property. Also, you can mobile order meals for most quick service locations through the app or join a boarding group for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance using your My Disney Experience app.

Unlocking your hotel room door using the My Disney Experience App

Boarding Group screen in the My Disney Experience App

 Another super convenient aspect of staying on Walt Disney World property is getting around. If you are flying into Orlando, Walt Disney World currently offers the Magical Express for guests with 2021 travel dates. *Disney has announced that they will be discontinuing the Magical Express in 2022, yet it remains available for all guests traveling in 2021.  

Magical Express bus in front of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

If you are renting a car, parking at the resort is so simple. Plus, self-parking at the resorts is free for all DVC guests, so that is a big plus as well!

Once you have checked into your resort, getting around is even easier, as Disney offers many transportation options for guests to utilize. All resorts offer bus transportation to the parks and Disney Springs, but some resorts offer additional transportation options such as ferries, monorails, the Skyliner, and even walking paths! Vacationing should be fun and simple, so Disney does their best to make this possible for their guests!

Disney Bus



Friendship boat at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World Offers Incredible Dining Options

Dining at Disney is so exciting because there is always so much to try. From new restaurants and dishes to old favorites, eating is the best part of the trip for me. Disney offers many different types of dining options, from quick-grab snacks to signature dining restaurants and magical dining experiences.

 As mentioned above, you can make your dining reservations before you even leave for your trip through your My Disney Experience app. I love planning different types of meals throughout my trip to try and accommodate everyone in my party. Some nights I love to indulge in a signature dining meal, while we also love to start our day with a character breakfast. Sit-down restaurants can range anywhere from fancy multiple-course meals to eating at mom’s kitchen table.

Sign for the 50s Prime Time Café

Disney is a great place to split meals and share snacks so that you can try as many of the delicious foods as possible!


Walt Disney World Feels Nostalgic

 I have been traveling to Walt Disney World with my family since I was about 9 years old, so Walt Disney World really has a special place in my heart. It was the first big vacation my parents could afford to take my sisters and I on, so not only was it so exciting for me, but it was a big deal for my parents as well! That first trip was so incredibly magical, and every trip since then has never disappointed!

Team Member Alyssa and her family at Disney when she was a child

 That magical feeling has never gone away for me. Every time I walk down Main Street and see the castle, all of the same feelings of excitement and magic come flooding back. I always feel like a little kid, getting to experience my favorite place over and over again. As I get older, I have also come to love seeing other people experience Disney for the first time as well. The first time I took my now-husband, I was so afraid the magic of Disney would be lost on him as a grown man. Luckily, as soon as he saw the castle, he felt everything I hoped he would, and he has come to love Disney just as much as me! It even turned into a very special place for us!

Team Member Alyssa and her now-husband proposing at WDW

Disney has always meant so much to my family, and these beautiful memories cannot be replaced!


Walt Disney World Has Something for Everyone

Walt Disney World knows that most of their guests are families, so they do family fun better than anyone. However, between your travel companions, I am sure there are many different tastes and preferences of what they like to do. Luckily, Disney does everything they can to make sure that everyone gets to have the most fun!

Little princesses can get all dolled up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, while animal lovers can take in one of the many backstage tours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. People looking to relax can visit one of the leisure pools at their resort, while Jedis in training can build their own lightsaber to help save the universe. 

sign for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

sign for Animal Tours at Animal Kingdom Theme park

Leisure pool at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Not only are there a multitude of restaurants to try, but foodies can also visit one of the many Epcot festivals for delicious small plates and refreshing beverages. Disney is so much more than just rides, and it is so fun to see so many different people from so many different walks of life all come together to experience the magic!

rocking chairs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

As you can see, not only is Walt Disney World a magical place that has so much to offer, but it also means a lot to so many people! What is it about Walt Disney World that keeps you coming back over and over again? 

reverse fountain at Epcot





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