Memento Mori Opens at Magic Kingdom

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Talk about long overdue – I think most of us can agree that a Haunted Mansion Merchandise store was needed back when the Magic Kingdom Mansion was first built in 1971.


Finally, it is here and it is spookily spectacular. Memento Mori, meaning Remember Death, opened last week to huge crowds and some of the most original Haunted Mansion merchandise I have ever seen. This small store (previously, the Yankee Trader) packs in a lot of items and even a few surprises.

Currently, there is a wait to get in – as people disperse, they allow you to enter from the side to keep it orderly inside. It’s worth mentioning the wait was only 2 minutes when I visited on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

memento_mori1-copy memento_mori12-copy

The first thing you might notice is a wall of lenticular photos that change from human to ghost as you move or tilt them from side to side. For $19.95, which I felt was a great price point for this keepsake, they will make one for you. It is printed on what appears to be a high quality thick board and is suitable for framing. Yes, they also sell frames, but it comes with a nice Ouija board type folder that did not disappoint.


Among the original, never before released merchandise is a wall mirror. Keep taking a peek at it from time to time and you might see an apparition open its eyes and look side to side and at YOU. A poster of Madame Leota in human form hangs on a back wall and gives off an eerie glow now and again. The effects are timed and sometimes subtle so be aware of the environment and you just might discover some new things.


If you, or someone you love is a Haunted Mansion fan, there is so much here in the way of shirts, hats, cell phone cases, ice cube trays, art, etc… I consider myself a true Haunted Mansion fanatic and found the store something to die for!

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Happy Halloween!

Video Link: Tour of Memento Mori

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