The Low-Down on Locker Rentals at Walt Disney World


For the convenience of guests, storage lockers are available for rent at all four Walt Disney World theme parks and both water parks. Here is everything you always wanted to know about lockers.

Key-operated Lockers

Key-operated storage lockers are found inside the parks. These lockers can be opened and closed as often as you like and are great for storing anything that you don’t want to lug around the park all day.


Large lockers measure 17.5″h x 12″w x 16″ deep and small lockers are 11″h x 9″w x 16″ deep. Magic Kingdom only has large lockers, but both large and small sizes are available at each of the other three theme parks. At Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach the large lockers are 17″h x 9″w x 16″ and the small lockers are 11″h x 9″w x 16″ deep.


Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. They can be rented during the times that the parks are open, including during Extra Magic Hours and party times. In order to receive your deposit back, keys must be returned within an hour after the final park closing time. Rental costs for lockers are $10 per day for large lockers and $8 per day for small lockers. In addition to the rental fee for lockers, there is a refundable $5 key deposit. When visiting more than one park per day, simply return your locker key to receive your original $5 deposit. Then, present your receipt (plus the deposit) at the second theme park to gain access to another locker for the remainder of the day at no additional cost.


Magic Kingdom has one location, just past the park entrance turnstiles, on the right before walking under the train station.

Epcot has two locker locations. At the front of the park, there is a locker location near the camera shop toward the right side of Spaceship Earth, as you are entering the park. At the back of the park, there are lockers at the International Gateway in World Showcase, located between England and France, coming from the Boardwalk resort area.

At Hollywood Studios, lockers are located next to Oscar’s Super Service, just past the entrance turnstiles, to the right as you enter the park.

Animal Kingdom has lockers in two locations. The first is at the entrance, next to Guest Services. It is just past the entrance turnstiles, to the left as you enter the park. The second location is near Kali River Rapids. As you pass Yak & Yeti counter service going towards the attraction, they will be on the left side of the path.

At Typhoon Lagoon, there are two locker locations. One is close to the front of the park, near Crush ‘n’ Gusher. The other is between Typhoon Tilly’s and the Shark Reef.

There are three locker locations at Blizzard Beach. The first is near the front of the park. The second is by Ski Patrol Training Camp. The third is close to Downhill Double Dipper.

Coin-operated Lockers

Single-use, coin-operated lockers are located outside of all four main theme parks.

At Animal Kingdom, there are large coin-operated lockers near the restrooms on the right, before the entrance turnstiles. At Epcot and Hollywood Studios, large lockers are located near the bus stop areas. The cost for these lockers is $1 per use. Four quarters must be inserted each time the locker is locked.

At the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and at Epcot’s International Gateway you’ll find small lockers, measuring 5″h x 3″w x 4″deep. These cost $.50 per use, in the form of two quarters each time they are locked.


Locker Rental Tips

  • The locker rental locations tend to be busy near park closing when guests are returning their keys to get their deposits back. To speed up this process, pay for your locker with cash. Deposits made on credit, debit or gift cards must be credited back to the original card. This takes longer than it does to collect a cash deposit. 
  • Put your locker rental receipt in your locker so that you don’t have to hunt for it at the end of the day when you are ready to collect your deposit.
  • Put your key in a safe place where you will not lose it or forget its location. Tell someone else in your party where you put the key.
  • Take a picture of your locker number on your cell phone or camera. If for some reason you do lose your key and can’t remember the number, you can refer to the picture.
  • Leave something with your name in the locker. If security has to open the locker for you, this will let them know that it is indeed your locker.
  • lockers-3Accessible lockers are available for people who need lockers that can be reached from a wheelchair of ECV, or who have difficulty reaching lockers on the lowest or highest rows. They tend to be near the front of the locker area where it is easier to maneuver. These lockers are also equipped with a handle that is easier to grasp than the regular locker handles. If you need one of these, just ask for one when you pay for your locker.
  • If the locker you receive is not in a location that works for you (too high, too low, etc.), just ask to exchange your key for a different one.
  • Hold onto your receipt if there is any chance that you may be visiting another park that day so that you don’t have to pay for two rentals.
  • Locker locations are noted on the park maps.
  • Lockers are cleaned out nightly. If you forget to collect your things from your locker, you can pick them up at the main lost and found location at the Ticket & Transportation Center.

~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director

26 thoughts on "The Low-Down on Locker Rentals at Walt Disney World"

  1. Great place to store a special dinner outfit in at Hollywood Studios so you can visit park during the day and change for dinner.

  2. My son in law stored the engagement ring for my daughter until dinner time at the Blue Bayou at DL!

  3. We stored dressier clothes for dinner- were glad not to eat in sweaty wet rained on clothes

  4. I rented two of them for our lunches.

  5. Mandy Pau says:

    I just keep my stuff in my son’s stroller! Very handy!

  6. Claudia Li says:

    We have stored our jackets in a locker at WDW several times. Sometimes it’s cold in the morning and at night in December, though in the 70’s during the day. So having the option to store our jackets is perfect for us. One bad experience happened to us while we were putting our jackets in the locker the last time we used one, though. Let this be a heads-up for all. As we were distracted with the locker I suddenly turned around to see a teenage boy swipe our daughter’s brand new Disney hat with the tag still on it, from her stroller. I am guilty of letting my guard down at WDW, but not anymore. While there are thieves everywhere I’m sure most of the Disney guests are better than that. Nonetheless we should all be wary.

  7. Yup use them at different times I find them very convenient when you haw day plans and then maybe dressier night plans you can stash stuff to fresh up by grasping it and using the moms areas or jumping the monorail to one of the deluxe resorts because their bathrooms are bigger and tend to have out some ladies essentials that you need.

  8. Great for all us moms that might need to store a breast pump too. That way you don’t have to go back to your room to pump, and can use the baby care centre to pump in.

  9. Good to know! Six Flags is a HUGE ripoff when it comes to lockers( actually everything!)

  10. Dawn Logan says:

    Absolutely! Once we discovered that lockers were transferable between all the parks, we often would go to one of the main four parks after spending the morning/early afternoon at a water park.

    One day, we were leaving MK on a MNSSHP night, and we saw a family storing their costumes in a locker – they said they put them on later, once the sun goes down and it is cooler. So clever!

  11. Lunch. We often bring lunch at least one day we come to the parks – usually nutella and jelly sandwiches, chips, fruit. Super cheap to prepare, so even with the cost of the locker, our family of five still comes out way ahead. Also, coats in the winter, or special things like glow sticks that we bring for the night time shows. If we rent a lock, we put everything that won’t be needed until later into it to lighten the back pack carrier’s load. 🙂

  12. I did not know any of this! What awesome information. Especially the tip about the Kali Rapids!! Usually we walk around soaked all day with our valuables in ziplock haha. 🙂

  13. rented it once to store left over cake. It didn’t turn out so well.

    1. What is this “leftover cake” you speak of?

    2. It was for my daughter’s birthday. We had dinner and the cake at Chef Mickey’s. After dinner we went to Magic Kingdom for the Christmas party so I decided to rent a locker for the cake. We had to place it in sideways to get it to fit in the locker. When we picked it up at the end of the night it was a mess. The kids still ate it though when we got back to our room because it was a delicious cake. 😉

    3. Thanks. We learned our lesson, next time eat more cake. LOL

  14. Great for storing those sweatshirts for when the sun goes down at certain times of year.

  15. Remember, the lockers near Kali River Rapids are free for the first hour, so you don’t get your electronics wet.

    1. All these years and I never knew that! Thanks for the tip!

    2. I think they are free longer for 1 hr- maybe 2.

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