Disney Trek: The Final Savannah

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I had time to sit down with Cathy to discuss her experience on Disney’s: Wild Africa Trek.

This is what she had to say about her time there:

Our Wild Africa Trek was back in October. Each day, Disney has about 3-4 scheduled Treks that guests can choose to go on. We went about mid-morning, which felt like the perfect period to go because it was feeding time for the animals (hopefully not us for breakfast!).

We started our Trek at the Outpost where we had to place all of our loose items into a locker. You were not able to bring anything that could possibly be lost such as purses, backpacks or cameras (unless the camera had a strap for your wrist). Pretty much, any items that could not be placed securely in your pocket should be left behind in a locker that Disney provides.

After the items were locked away safely, The Guides at the Outpost supplied us with a water container and a VERY tight-fitting harness (for safety). In order to get the correct harness, they actually had to weigh each one of us (the number is not seen by others), so we could receive the correct size for fitting.

Once we were strapped in, there was a practice bridge for us to try out and cross. While we were out on the practice bridge, they gave us bug repellent to cover our exposed skin with. Which I noticed worked very well; I hardly noticed any bugs at all throughout the Trek! (see picture below)

When everyone was all set, we started the adventure. There were about 15 of us total, and that’s including the 3 Guides. I found it was a great size of group to travel in; it didn’t feel crowded and was easy to travel together. The Guides were VERY informative; they gave details about all the species of animals and made sure to find out all answers to each question that was asked throughout the Trek.

During the Trek, we had opportunities to rest our feet and use a safari truck that traveled around the Savannah. And speaking of resting, included in the Trek (and price!) was a fantastic picnic-like lunch that was provided half-way through the expedition. We got to try out all assortments of cuisine; but if you aren’t the adventurous type when it comes to food, you can just order from the kids menu or get a peanut butter-jelly sandwich. We got to take our time eating and enjoy company while looking out on the beautiful Savannah. (see picture below)

There was an interesting point after the lunch break going back onto the Savannah, where we were able to see a giraffe get a little nasty with another animal, protecting its territory. It was a different side of a giraffe that I’ve never seen before. I very much enjoyed walking over the crocodile’s riverbed! Good thing we had the practice bridge to use at the Outpost! The Guides hooked your harness to a secured rope above, so you could travel over the bridge and view the crocodiles as they are fed. (see picture below)

Throughout the excursion, we were able to see pretty much every animal that Disney exhibits on their Savannah from baby elephants to hungry, hungry hippos! The animal that stood out most had to be the giraffes; they couldn’t get enough of our traveling group. One actually approached our safari truck and started to lick it! (see picture below)

When we completed the Trek, we ended up back at the Outpost where we began. The Guides took plenty of pictures for everybody, showing animals and each guest that traveled together for their own collection. Disney would mail each guest a CD which contains all the pictures – and the other amazing thing about that is… it’s included in the price!

After this amazing adventure, I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to try something new. I very much enjoyed the Wild Africa Trek and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was such a great experience and you definitely get what you paid for.

~ Ryan Consoli, Vacation Coordinator

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