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For those who know me, you know that I love trying new foods, especially whenever I am traveling somewhere new while also having some traditional favorites! Who doesn’t like to indulge in eating their favorite meal like corn dog nuggets and fries from Casey’s Corner or trying a nice slice of pizza in Italy?

Corndog nuggets from Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom

On this cruise, it was going to be a little different. I’m on a Keto diet. I knew I was going to be surrounded by my favorite items, from ice cream to pasta to fries to pizza. Yet, my goal was to find options on the menu so that I can stay on my diet restrictions and still enjoy the foods. My plan was to try and not have a cheat day during the trip. 

Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

Before we had left on our cruise, I decided to call the Disney Cruise Line, and the Cast Member on the phone was able to make a note that I was a low-carb and no sugar diet on my reservations (also noting that the rest of our group did not have these restrictions). I also had to mention this to our server on our 1st night. On the 1st night, I chose something on the menu that I knew I could eat and stick to my plan.

Cover of the Enchanted Garden Menu

interior image of the Enchanted Garden menu

Prime Rib

Dessert Menu on the Disney Dream

Another thing that had helped me plan my meals for the cruise was that I did some research online. When doing my research, I was able to find updated menus from the restaurants and room service that was offered on the ship so that I have an idea of what they would be serving. This helped a lot when we had dinner each night as I already knew what I could expect to order and, if needed, ask for a modification to the dish. When it came to dessert each night, I just past on the dessert and just asked for a cup of coffee to help me enjoy the rest of my night on the ship.

Coffee on the Disney Dream

Now let’s talk about the buffets. Oh hot diggity dog, this was such a big struggle for me! 

Buffets on the Disney Dream Buffets on the Disney Dream

When I was walking past the pasta, pizza, and sweet station, it was very hard for me to not stop and pick up something to satisfy my cravings and hunger. All I could think was, I want this, and oh, I want that! However, I was strong, and I avoided those stations. What I did do is that I went to the stations I know I would avoid my cravings, so that meant straight to the meat craving and cheese section!

Buffets on the Disney Dream

Buffets on the Disney Dream

On this trip, we were lucky to secure a Palo Brunch on the second day of our cruise.

Table setting at Palo

dining table at Palo

Just like at the main dining restaurants and the buffets, there were choices on the menu that I was able to order and modify the dish if I needed too. While at the buffet section at Palo, again, I went past my temptations and went straight for the items I was able to have. But boy oh boy, was it ever so hard to past on the amazing desserts!

Desserts at Palo brunch

breads at Palo brunch

Now, let’s talk about Castaway Cay! 

Pluto at Castaway Cay

There are 3 places guests can get food: Cookies, Cookies Too, and Serenity Bay. All three have very similar food items for guests to choose from. From hot dogs to fruits to cookies, and many more. Just like on the ship, there were options for me to choose from. I love some good barbeque, but because of the sauce and how much sugar it could contain in it, I was not able to eat the ribs, so I opted for bun-less hotdogs and hamburgers with coleslaw instead. Yum! 

Buffets at Castaway Cay Buffets at Castaway Cay Buffets at Castaway Cay

Now for those who want to order room services, you can! Many dishes are included in the prices of the cruise, but there are certain ones where you would have to pay an additional fee.

Room service menu on the Disney Dream

Room service menu on the Disney Dream

While I did miss eating the endless amount of ice cream, cookies, and other fabulous food items on the ship and on Castaway Cay, I have to say that Disney does a really good job with providing different dietary and food options for all guests. From gluten-free to vegetarian to vegan, why wouldn’t you be dreaming about another cruise to try all these delicious items! Until next time Disney, see ya real soon!

See Ya Real Soon sign from the Disney Dream

~Ashley P. 


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