A World Full of Pixie Dust – Why Adventures by Disney Is at the Top of My Travel Wish List!

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Unlike what the song says, it’s not really a “small world after all” out there! There are hundreds of destinations around the world that I dream of exploring! So how do I merge my love of Disney with my lengthy travel bucket list? By putting Adventures by Disney at the top spot on my wish list!

Adventures By Disney Sign with a Jet on it

I’ll be honest, one of the reasons that traipsing around the world with Adventures by Disney is so appealing to me is the “Disney Difference” and sense of familiarity – even when traveling somewhere new. Many of us know and love Disney’s parks and resorts and know what to expect when planning our trips there. You know that when you check into a Disney resort, it is going to be well-maintained, safe, and beautifully designed. It’s near the attractions you want to see, and the service will be top-notch. ABD takes away the worry of the unknown in a new destination, and you can rest easily (literally) knowing that Disney has scoured the globe for tried-and-true places to suit their guests’ needs. 

Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland with 40th Anniversary Sign on it

Pool at Disney’s Grand Californian taken from a room Balcony

Each Adventure is also always led by two Adventure guides, and they handle all of the details during your time together, even down to checking you in at your hotels along the way! They’ve always got snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials and are even happy to snap photos for (and with) you, so you can relax and focus on the fun! They are full of information about the destinations, can make great recommendations for how to spend your free time, and having one of your guides be a local means you can fully immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the places you’re visiting. You get an authentic experience that is also full of convenience!

Two Adventures by Disney Guides in Costa Rica holding an Adventures by Disney Sign

Adventures by Disney Guide wearing Mickey Pilot Ears giving a Thumbs Up

Speaking of experiences, that’s the real icing on the cake for me that sets Adventures by Disney apart from most tour companies. Traveling with ABD means you’re going to be treated like a VIP! 

Rainforest Chocolate Tour Building in Costa Rica

Like me, I’m sure your travel daydreams don’t include thousands of other tourists and long lines to see the big sites, and ABD looks to avoid that as much as possible too. They want their guests to feel like they have a “backstage pass” to all of the magic the world has to offer! 

Cast Members at Disneyland Tokyo waving to the Camera

For example, on the current Adventures by Disney Italy itinerary, there’s a private and exclusive guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Where most visitors would wait in lengthy lines to get a glimpse of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, ABD guests are given that insider access we all dream of. On their Egypt itinerary, ABD guests have VIP access to the Great Sphinx of Giza and an after-hours tour of the Great Pyramid. This is incredibly unique and gives travelers the chance to have special experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have without some Disney magic! 

Zipline through the Rainforest in Costa Rica

Having those remarkable memories would be absolutely priceless!

Spanning all seven continents, Adventures by Disney offers more than 40 itineraries around the globe. Not only do they visit a lot of different countries, they also do so in different ways! ABD offers Land Adventures, short Escapes, River Cruises, Expedition Cruises, and even Private Jet Adventures, making it easy for eager globetrotters to choose the type of travel that suits them best. 

Adventures by Disney branded Pillow, Mickey Ears, and Ball Cap all sitting on a Private Jet Seat

I’m not picky! I would be more than happy to embark on any of the itineraries that ABD offers, but I do love that there is so much choice! Personally, I love being on the water and cruising, so an Adventures by Disney Expedition Cruise to Antarctica & Patagonia or the Galapagos Islands would be a dream come true! Perhaps your imagination sends you off to South Africa for a safari adventure or to Costa Rica to go whitewater rafting with a volcanic backdrop – ABD can make those daydreams a reality! From Europe to Asia, polar regions, Disneyland in California, and many other locations around the world, no matter what places are on your travel wish list, chances are Adventures by Disney probably has an itinerary that will catch your eye.

Sign that says “Welcome To Costa Rica” with a Duffle Bag and David’s branded Hat

Pool Deck at a Costa Rican Hotel with Chairs and Umbrellas Around the Pool and the Hotel in the Background

Not only is there a ton of choice in where you might travel or what method of travel you might experience on the different itineraries, Adventures by Disney also offers trips for different types of travelers. While many of their itineraries are designed with families and multi-generational parties in mind, ABD does also offer “adult-exclusive” trips for many destinations. If you want to leave the kids at home and sip on a glass of wine after freshly stomping on grapes in Greece, you can! If you’d prefer to bring the little ones along to visit with kangaroos and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you can! Your travel party has the flexibility to choose exactly which type of trip works best for your needs and preferences, and this is another way that ABD sets itself apart. As I often travel solo because I love the sense of freedom it provides, having a lot of choice in my vacation plans is important to me!

Tour Bus parked in front of a Restaurant surrounded by Trees

After hearing the rave reviews about Adventures by Disney from my fellow DVCR teammates who have had the chance to experience some trips first-hand, I know that this is the kind of vacation that is right up my alley. I’ve seen their enthusiastic smiles and sparkle in their eyes as they excitedly share many of the magical moments they’ve had on their holidays, and that makes me want to travel with ABD even more! Adventures by Disney can sprinkle the whole world in pixie dust, and I can’t wait to experience it myself someday! 



*A special thanks to https://www.laughingplace.com/ for providing us with some photos for this blog! 


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