New, Luxurious One Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

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I’ve been excited about the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa ever since I first heard about the project. Opening day finally arrived on October 23, 2013 and I was lucky enough to be in Walt Disney World at the time. I shared a tour of the lobby and outdoor area on my last blog and today I’d like to walk you through the One Bedroom Villa.

Entry into the Villa is via a small foyer that leads into the kitchen on one side and to the bathroom on the other. We’re going to start in the kitchen. The first thing I noticed is how big it feels. There is a dedicated beverage/bar area – or in my case, a place to charge all my electronics!


The actual kitchen is open, with no island or counter to block it off from the rest of the room. It’s also lovely.


I was especially impressed with the fridge – it’s better than the one I have at home!

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I liked the slide-out recycling/trash containers.

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The curved banquet seat around the the table was brilliant – so many people can fit this way. It felt huge! From here we move into the living room. Disney incorporated a lot things into this Villa that make living in a small space easy and comfortable for up to five people. That’s right, I said five. The addition of a hide-away trundle bed in the living room makes this DVC room perfect for a family with three children.

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There is plenty of seating and storage in the living room. The couch is a queen sleeper sofa.


post_DSC_3236_IJFR_1200post_DSC_3235_IJFR_1200Like in the lobby, the Disney “stamp” is subtle here and sticks to the Victorian theme of the resort. There’s Duffy – he seems to be showing up everywhere these days.


Though difficult to see in this photo, the Lake View is gorgeous. The patio extends the full length of the Villa and can be accessed by both the living room and the bedroom.


Speaking of the bedroom, let’s check it out. It’s quite nice. There is a big dresser for the kids right by the door. Next to that is a desk.


Another dresser by the bed can house Mom and Dad’s clothes. On the other side is a chair that I thought would be a perfect place to curl up with a book and a glass of wine.


A nice big, walk-in closet has plenty of room to stow all your empty luggage. There’s a pack ‘n play crib and a safe in there as well. For a little luxury, this room includes robes.


Now for my favorite part – the bathroom. Really, I think I should call it the spa! It’s divided into two areas that are separated by locking pocket doors. The first area has a beautiful, deep soaking tub and vanity area.


In the mirror of the vanity is a TV. That’s right, you heard correctly, there is a TV incorporated right into the glass of the mirror, and you can see it while soaking in the tub!


In the other portion of the bathroom is another vanity, toilet and shower. I think this layout is a really smart design and is my favorite of all the DVC resorts. Another thing I really appreciate in this room is the makeup mirrors located on the wall of the vanity areas. I wish they’d add these to the rooms at the other resorts as well.


This side of the bathroom can be accessed from the foyer/hallway so that it is not necessary to go through the bedroom to use the bathroom – another great idea. In the hallway you’ll find a closet with the washer/dryer and other utility items.


I think Disney Vacation Club really did a fine job on this resort. I love that it is beautiful and luxurious without being stuffy or pretentious. They’ve obviously taken what they’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t in the older Villas, introduced some new, innovative ideas, and melded it all into a something that takes your breath away when you walk in. I can’t wait to spend a few days here. I plan to never leave the resort!

Visit our Resort page for more information, including amenities and floor plans. On my next blog I’ll show you the Grand Floridian‘s Studio Villa.

~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director

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