Today’s Adventures are Tomorrow’s Memories

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The day has come, and you find yourself walking through the Mickey head tunnel, having your Family name announced and walking into the breathtaking lobby of a Disney Cruise ship.

lobby on the Disney Dream

My first love will always be Disney, but my second love is photography because it allows us to relive those memories. As we boarded the Disney Dream and walked into the lobby all I could think about was ensuring that I took the time to capture those picture-perfect moments and details so we could always remember the adventures and fun we encountered.

During our 3-night Bahamian Cruise, I learned the top photo moments/opportunities that only a Disney Cruise can offer you!


Character Interactions

Disney wouldn’t be Disney if you didn’t get the chance to interact with some of your favorite Disney characters. Using the Disney Cruise Navigator App, or picking up one of the printed Navigators on board, it’ll show all of the Character Meet and Greet times and help ensure you get to capture this cruise moment with those characters.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

One of my favorite things about the cruise character Meet and Greets is that most of the characters had a cruise themed outfit or for the theme nights such as the pirate party they were all decked out in their pirate gear!

Team Member Stephanie S with Chip and Dale

Team Member Cassie with Chip and Dale

The coolest moments with the characters was when you bumped into them unexpectedly. We were lucky enough to watch a very tired Goofy sleepwalking through the lobby and meet Stitch as he was disembarking the ship, on his way to explore Castaway Cay.

Stitch at Castaway Cay

Stitch and Team Member Stephanie S at Castaway Cay

Stith and Team Member Cassie at Castaway Cay



I am truly not a morning person; however, I took the time to get up early one of the mornings we were at sea and catch the sunrise. There is nothing more breathtaking than looking out across the water, never knowing when it will end and watching the sky light up with those beautiful colors. Though my photos were beautiful, they do not truly capture the color and awe that I experienced.

Sunrise on the Disney Dream Sunrise on the Disney Dream



Did you know that when you’re on a Disney cruise, there are no limitations to how much food you can eat? You can even have a second breakfast before lunch, and as you all know, nobody can do food like Disney can! So, I always ensured that we captured a picture of all the food before we dove in so that once we got home, we could always look back and drool about that delicious food later!

Chocolate covered strawberries from the Disney Dream

Mickey Mouse waffle from the Disney Dream Mickey Mouse waffle from the Disney Dream


Castaway Cay

With all Bahamian cruises, you get the chance to experience the exclusive Disney Castaway Cay.

Landscape view of Castaway CayLandscape view of Castaway Cay

This beautiful island not offers a fun and relaxing escape but non-stop memories.

Team Members Lindsay, Carly, Cassie and Stephanie S at Castaway Cay

Team Member Carly looking at the ocean at Castaway Cay

You have the chance to meet some more exclusive Disney characters in the Beach gear and breathtaking views.

Pluto with Team Member Stephanie at Castaway Cay

Pluto with Team Member Carly at Castaway Cay

Also, on top of all that you have the chance to snorkel, play some sports and soak in all the sun!

snorkel gear at Castaway Cay snorkel gear at Castaway Cay


Nighttime and Fireworks

The Disney Cruise Line is currently the only cruise line that offers Fireworks at sea. In our case, the fireworks are set off during the Pirate Party as a part of the Buccaneer Blast. The Fireworks show on the Disney Cruise line is not to be missed!

Fireworks from the Disney Dream Fireworks from the Disney Dream

Disney Cruise is also unique to have two smoke stacks which, when light up at night surrounded by 360 degree blackness, is just plain cool!

Disney Dream Smoke stack with Mickey Head



The Disney cruise line goes far and beyond your expectations when it comes to details through the ship. I don’t think there is a single room on that ship where you could not find a hidden Mickey or has accents throughout the ship to make you feel like a kid again.

Team Member Lindsay playing in the Kid’s Club on the Disney Dream

Team Member Carly playing in the Kid’s Club on the Disney Dream

Disney has also taken the time to ensure that most of the Portholes in the public areas are comfortable with a nice padded seat so that you can sit and watch the horizon as you sail from port to port. It is also one of the MOST “TO BE TAKEN” photos on a cruise because if you don’t take a picture while sitting in the porthole, did it really even happen?

Team Member Cassie looking out through a Porthole on the Disney Dream


Like any vacation that you’re having fun on, time can fly by, and before you know it, you are debarking the cruise ship. Though these were some of my top photo moments, you never know what you’ll capture on your adventure and what memories you’ll get to look back on.

Just like when you are at the Disney Parks, there are always those unexpected Magical Disney moments to experience aboard the Disney cruise lines. I am so thankful that I got the chance to capture everyone and can’t wait for the next cruise opportunity when I can do it all again.

Pluto with Team Members Lindsay, Carly, Cassie and Stephanie S at Castaway Cay

~ Cassie

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