The Resorts I am Most Excited to See on My Research Trip

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The last time I was at Walt Disney World was in 2015 when I participated in the Disney College Program. After coming home from the six-month program, I had hoped to go back to Walt Disney World multiple times. Yet as we all know, life gets busy, and we are not able to take the trips we would like. Like many people in 2020, I had to cancel my trip due to the pandemic.

Mya at her Disney College Program Graduation with Pluto and Goofy

After years of eagerly waiting to return to my second home, it is finally happening! I am excited to have the opportunity to be able to go back to Walt Disney World on a research trip with our company. I can not wait to see how much the theme parks have changed since my last visit. I am excited to ride the rides I have not ridden before, watch new parades and nighttime shows, and sample many of the dining options around the parks and resorts. 

Walt Disney World Sign

Out of everything I will be doing on my trip, I am most excited to see the 12 Disney Vacation Club resorts we book for guests. I have visited a couple of the DVC resorts in the past, but this will be my first time seeing many of them. Exploring the different resorts will allow me to get a better understanding of what each resort has to offer and will make it easier for me to help other guests know which resort would cater best to their personality, traveling party, and interests.

I want to share my top 3 DVC resorts I am excited to see and explore on my upcoming Research Trip.


The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian Buildings

 I have visited Disney’s Grand Floridian multiple times on past trips, as it is my favorite resort at Walt Disney World. I find it absolutely stunning inside and out and will never get tired of exploring the resort. I can not stop smiling when I step foot in the lobby and am surrounded by the elegant atmosphere. I love sitting on one of the couches around the lobby and looking around, taking in the theme. I am always mesmerized by the details, such as the white and gold interior, the giant Bird Cage, the various chandeliers, the grand piano, and finding the different characters in the floor tiles. 

Grand Floridian Chandelier

I have never been inside the DVC rooms as I have only ever explored the lobby and restaurants, but I am happy I will be able to walk through these rooms soon. I have always said, “one day, I hope to get a group of friends together and split on one of the Grand Villas.” Each time I am on our website, I like to check out the virtual tour of the Grand Villa and dream about how I will stay there one day.

Grand Floridian Topiaries


Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney's Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort is the newest DVC resort found at Walt Disney World. All of the photos I have seen of the resort make it look incredible, and I can’t wait to see it firsthand. I think the entrance to the resort is beautiful, and I am thrilled to walk through it on my trip. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the resort is that it is an art gallery. I love art, and I have made a list of artwork I have seen photos of from team members and guests that I want to search for at the resort. Out of all the artwork, I am most excited to see Rapunzel’s floating lantern scene and Peter Pan soaring over the London sky mosaics found on the tunnel connecting the resort to Disney’s Skyliner.

Peter Pan Mosaic at Skyliner Entrance

 I recently learned about the Art on Demand kiosk in the gift store La Boutique where guests can scroll through photos of the artwork around the resort and purchase a print to send home. Guests can buy prints in different sizes and with different frames. I plan to order a couple of pieces once I can see the original artwork in person. I will have a fun time redecorating my home to incorporate my new art when I get back. 

La Boutique Sign

Disney Skyliner was not yet built the last time I was at Disney. I am delighted to experience riding the themed gondolas with my team members, from Disney’s Riviera Resort to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It will be fascinating to see the parks from a different view.

Rapunzel Mosaic



Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Building at Saratoga Springs

 My team members and I will be staying at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa on our upcoming trip. What I like about this resort is how large it is and how it is out of the way. Many guests prefer to be as close to the theme parks as possible, but I am the opposite. I like having resort days where I explore the resort and do my own thing. It is the perfect resort to have a vacation on your vacation. Saratoga Springs has plenty of recreational activities to enjoy, and I look forward to taking advantage of them. After the winter we have had here in Canada, I am ready to lounge by one of Saratoga Springs’ pools with a book and soak up the sun. 

Horse Statue outside Carriage House

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa was refurbished in 2021, and I find the new design of the Carriage House, where guests can find the check-in desks, unique and charming. When we get to the resort and check in, I plan to find all of the portraits of the different horses from the various Disney movies around the lobby. I love horses and have always wanted my own horse but could never have one. Even though I could not have my own horse, I grew up going to camps where I learned to take care of horses and go horseback riding, so that is a big reason Saratoga Springs stands out to me. 

Maximus Mural inside Carriage House

Kids area in Carriage House

I am also excited to see the horse details in the DVC rooms! Some of these details include the Disney horse faces on pillows, lamps with a Derby horse and rider, unique artwork and sculptures, and horse tack incorporated into the furniture. 

Beds and Horse Art in Saratoga Springs Studio

Carousel Horse on the grounds of Disney Springs

My favorite part about staying at Saratoga Springs is how close it is to Disney Springs. If I have the opportunity, I plan to walk to Disney Springs whenever I can on my trip. I look forward to wandering through World of Disney, purchasing new pins and Minnie Mouse ears to add to my collection, and buying my first Jersey Shirt. There are also many dining options and tasty treats I would like to try while walking around. Gideon’s Bakehouse is at the top of my list, as I love cookies.

Disney Springs Marketplace Sign


I have not even gone on my trip yet, but I am already making plans for future travels, and I look forward to staying at the other resorts we book. I am happy to get new experiences at Disney and go with team members who have never been to the theme parks before. What DVC Resort are you most excited to visit on your next Disney World Trip?




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