The BoardWalk Food Crawl: All the Good Eats at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

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Just a few steps away from all the hustle and bustle of EPCOT lies Disney’s BoardWalk Villas. This resort is a picturesque getaway at Walt Disney World and is by far a top contender for my favorite DVC resort on property. Among the amazing pools and other activities this resort offers, the sprawling BoardWalk has a ton of food and dining experiences that would make a perfect food crawl for a day away from the parks. 

Disney's Boardwalk. The colorful buildings sit on a wooden dock next to Crescent Lake.

Starting at the top of the BoardWalk, the perfect place to start with dessert is the BoardWalk Ice Cream shop! This is a small ice cream parlor located at the start of the Boardwalk near the walkway to the International Gateway of EPCOT. With delicious ice cream sundaes, brownies, and milkshakes to satisfy any sweet tooth, this stop on the Boardwalk is a great beginning to our food crawl. If you’re doing a food crawl with a few friends, the BoardWalk Ice Cream parlor even has its own Kitchen Sink Sundae that is perfect for sharing. 

Exterior of the Boardwalk Ice Cream Shop. The white building holds a Blur sign that reads "Boardwalk Ice Cream."

Next up is the BoardWalk Deli, a classic offering at this resort that offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to hungry guests looking for a good bite to eat. Here, you can find timeless deli offerings, including a Warm Pastrami Reuben, a hearty Italian Sub, and even some vegetarian/vegan options to explore. After your deli meal, you have the option to explore some of the bakery items sold at this location too; their muffins are definitely a must-try in your food crawl adventures. 

Exterior of the Boardwalk Deli. Gold letters spell out Boardwalk Deli on a large white building.

Hand holding a sandwich in the air with the sign of the Boardwalk Deli blurred in the back of the photo.

Now that we’ve conquered a few snacks, it’s time to pull up a chair and indulge in some classic Italian cuisine with Trattoria al Forno. This restaurant at the BoardWalk Villas offers an artisanal menu that celebrates the diversity of all that Italian food has to offer, and it even has breakfast. One unique thing about this restaurant is its wine menu; at Trattoria al Forno, their wine list is 100% Italian, with over 60 offerings from historic wine regions in Italy, including Tuscany! If you’re not a wine fanatic, they also offer signature cocktails and Italian beers, so there is sure to be something for everyone at this stop in your food crawl. 

Exterior of Trattoria al Forno. The white building with a navy and gold sign that reads "Trattoria al Forno."

Interior of Trattoria al Forno. A dark wood wine cellar is against the wall, with green and white leather chairs sitting in the middle of the room.

By now, I’m sure you’re full of all the good eats and probably in need of a break; what better place to relax than the enchanting cocktail lounge that is Abracadabar! While they offer some minor bar snacks in the evening, this stop on our BoardWalk food crawl has Handcrafted cocktails, all of which contain their own magical elements that will pose a challenge for what to try first. This lounge also has a unique theme that can only be found at the BoardWalk. According to the lore around the BoardWalk, this lounge used to be an old stomping ground for famous magicians, local illusionists, and all the assistants who would attempt to out-charm each other with unbelievable tricks and cocktails. This is the perfect spot to sit back and relax from your food crawl with some fantastic libations. 

Exterior of Trattoria al Forno and Abracadabar.

Interior of Abracadabar. Dark wood tables are surrounded by ornate dark red booths and leather chairs.

Now that we’ve explored some of the quick-service and table-service options at the BoardWalk Villas, it’s time to get a little taste of luxury and experience Flying Fish! This is the only signature dining option offered at this resort and is truly an experience like no other. Partnering nostalgic elements with sophistication, this restaurant offers seaside meals that are not only visually striking but also absolutely delicious and unique. Another cool feature of this restaurant is the open kitchen; you can sneak a peek at the chefs preparing your meal among all the gorgeous décor that heightens this dining experience. Overall, the Flying Fish is definitely a memorable stop on your BoardWalk Food Crawl, and you won’t want to skip it. 

Exterior of Trattoria al Forno. The white building with a blue and orange sign that reads "Flying Fish."

Interior of Flying Fish. Light blue and white tables and chairs sit beneath chandeliers shaped like bubbles.

Now that we’ve had two good meals, it’s time for a few more snacks that can be found on the BoardWalk for our food crawl. If you’re looking for more delicious cocktails and some carnival fare, look no further than BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous MargaritasThis stand on the BoardWalk has pina coladas, assorted beers, and, of course, margaritas! Also, something that does pair well with margaritas is pizza, and conveniently, there’s the Pizza Window on the BoardWalk to satisfy these cravings! You can grab a classic slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, along with some mini cannolis, if you’re looking for something sweet to add to your mid-afternoon snack.

BoardWalk Joe's Marvelous Margaritas stand on the dock.

Slice of pepperoni pizza on a paper plate with the water from Crescent Lake and the Boardwalk in the background.

Exterior of Jellyrolls. White and blue striped building with purple letters that read "Jellyrolls."

Last but certainly not least, you can celebrate the end of your food crawl on the BoardWalk with good drinks and tunes at Jelly Rolls! While this is technically not a Disney-owned establishment, this piano bar is a favorite among locals and is certified to be a great time to end your food crawl. They have dueling piano artists, and singing along to the music is always welcome. Plus, this bar offers a wide array of souvenir cocktails and classic drink offerings. This spot is the perfect end to an exciting day and a must-visit on your next Disney vacation. 

Side of a green bench that reads "Disney's Boardwalk" in gold.

With all of the amazing places to eat at the BoardWalk, there’s bound to be something new to try for each visit. Whether you do a food crawl or a one-stop dining experience, there’s so much to offer at this resort, and you’re sure to have some good eats and a great time. 



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