Snacks on Snack on Snacks!

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When I travel to Disney, I like to make the most of my time there, and this includes indulging in all of the great snacks Disney has to offer! 

Snack counter at WDW

I consider myself a food person, and I am one who is willing to try new food at least once. Disney has lots of classic treats, but also a bunch of funky new options for guests to try. 

Popcorn at Walt Disney world

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich

Dole Whip at Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

For this blog I wanted to touch on a few of my favorites, my top 5 to be exact! 

Balloons at the Magic Kingdom

Coming in at number five would be the Candied Bacon Skewer. This meat skewer is a choice that is great if you are craving something crispy but juicy. It is a thick-cut piece of bacon glazed in magical salty sweetness. This delicious piece of bacon is in the Liberty Square Market, and I would highly recommend giving it a try when making your way through the kingdom. I won’t lie either; I tend to indulge in more than just one!

Candied Bacon Skewer from Liberty Square Market at the Magic Kingdom

My fourth favorite snack can also be found in Liberty Square Market. This epic meat skewer has a spicy, sweet kick to it! The Chicken Skewer has a “spicy-sweet sauce” glazed over it, and if I recommended anything, it would be this. I cannot help myself, and two is a minimum must when I give into the magic!

Chicken Skewer from Liberty Square Market at the Magic Kingdom

*Currently, Liberty Square Market remains closed, making my 5th and 4th snacks choices temporarily unobtainable, so I thought I’d add in an extra snack option. 

This one is a sweet treat that I find hard to pass by, and it is a giant Mickey cookie! No matter the park, or the time of day, my tastebuds and I think a giant Mickey cookie is always a good choice!

Giant Mickey Shape cookie

When making your way through any of the parks, it can get a little warm some days, and my number third favorite snack would be the classic Mickey Ice Cream Bar. If your anything like me and the sun takes a bit of a toll on you, it is nice to cool off and also enjoy yourself while doing it! On a hot day, you might have to eat it a bit faster than normal, as it can melt quickly, but nothing makes you feel more like a kid than having a bit of a mess along with the enjoyment of your ice cream.  

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

Before one, there is two, and my second favorite snack is another classic that I feel is an absolute MUST. The Mickey Mouse Pretzel with the ooey gooey cheese! This is the perfect snack to pick up when you want to stop for a minute and take a quick break before your next magical adventure! It is a bit hard to walk around with this snack when you’re trying to dip the freshly puffed pretzel into the cheese, but it can be done! Just make sure to thoroughly enjoy this salty and filling snack as it is something to be savored!

Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels

We have now made it to my number one favorite snack. I don’t even know if you would call this a snack; however, I treat it like one! This option is great for when you are walking up to the castle in Magic Kingdom at the end of Mainstreet or topping off a day well spent making memories and enjoying the thrill of the magic. Casey’s Corner has Casey’s Corndog Nuggets. These puppies are my all-time favorite, and never have I personally been disappointed in choosing this selection every time. The crispy, crunchy bread with the classic mini hotdogs inside gives me the perfect start or end to my day and I look forward to when Casey’s Corner reopens so I can enjoy them again!  

Corndog Nuggets from Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom

I must say, sometimes when I’m at Disney, I get a bit worried about all the snacks I know I am going to eat, but then I think about all the walking you get to do no matter what park you’re checking out, and it makes it all worth it in the end for me! I love Disney and the snack options they offer guests, and my list is endless when it comes to the food; however, these above are my top picks and the ones I think about when I think back to Disney!  

Carousel at the Magic Kingdom



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