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Most guests find it hard, if not impossible, to visit Walt Disney World without purchasing souvenirs to remind them of their trip to the Happy Place. The shops sell things for most any budget, and the variety of choices is outstanding. There are gift shops all over Walt Disney World, let’s take a look at the stores available in Future World at Epcot.

Picture of Minnie Ears and Spaceship Earth at Epcot

If you come into Epcot via the Main Entrance (as opposed to the “back entrance” known as the International Gateway), the first two shops you will notice are located opposite one another, on either side of Spaceship Earth.  The right side is Camera Center.  Although the name would make many people think they only sell photos or photographic equipment that is not so.  This store has a very large selection of Magic Bands, probably the biggest in all of Epcot. They also carry some phone cases, CDs, DVDs, and LPs.

merchandise from Camera Center at Epcot

But yes, there are also photo related items here, such as throwaway cameras, camera batteries, and straps, photo frames and albums. Additionally, Camera Center has standard batteries such as AA and AAA.  This shop is also the place to go if you want to purchase PhotoPass pictures (you can also get them online via My Disney Experience), and it’s also the spot to inquire about any missing photos that you don’t see in your account. If you can remember the time you rode the attraction, it will help locate the pictures faster.  Lastly, if you are the owner of a Leave a Legacy tile, but you have forgotten where it’s located, Camera Center has a computer that they can use to find your tile.

If you are looking for Earbands, look no further than across the way at Gateway Gifts, where you can find a huge selection, the most I have seen in Epcot.  The store is not large, so it’s surprising to see so many Earbands there. You will also find Disney-themed clothing, toys, inexpensive jewelry, candy, mugs, sunblock, autograph books, and a small selection of pet toys at this location.

Mickey Ears from Gateway Gifts at Epcot

If you continue along on the right side of Spaceship Earth, the next shop is The Art of Disney.  There are gorgeous paintings festooning the walls, and even if they are not in your budget to purchase, it’s worth a stop to take a look.

artwork from the Art of Disney at Epcot

You can find Thomas Kinkade originals here, as well as jigsaw puzzles of Kinkade paintings.  Many other artists are also showcased at the Art of Disney.  In addition to paintings, they sell terrific statuettes of Disney characters and attractions.  You’ll also find a nice selection of postcards that are unique to this store.  I highly recommend you visit Art of Disney; it’s an attraction in of itself.

artwork from the Art of Disney at Epcot

If you continue along, just behind Spaceship Earth is an outdoor kiosk known as Pin Central. This is the place to find unusual pins such as limited editions, as well as pins available only to Disney Vacation Club Members, Annual Passholders, and/or Disney Visas Card holders.  There is a pressed penny machine located next to the kiosk (If you are facing the opening of the kiosk the machine is on the left side).

As you’re heading further into the park, just to the left and slightly past Pin Central is the largest store in Epcot, and one of the largest on all of Walt Disney World property, second only to the World of Disney Store in Disney Springs.  Mouse Gear is so big it has four separate entrances/exits! This is where to find merchandise that says “Epcot” on it, as well as so much more. Pins, lanyards, clothing (for men, women and children—and there is a fitting room!), pet gifts, books, hats, frames, photo albums, key chains, fridge magnets, car magnets, pens, shoes/flip flops, mugs, candy, fine jewelry (costume jewelry as well), a large selection of toys, towels, more, too much to list in one blog.  If you only have time to stop at one store in Future World, this is the place to go.

Merchandise from Mouse Gear at Epcot

There is a section to buy and/or embroider Mickey ears, and there are many ear styles to choose from. Mouse Gear also has a pin board for those guests who like to trade pins. It is out twice a day for 30 minutes, at 1PM and at 5PM.  For guests who enjoy pressed coins there are two machines at Mouse Gear for pennies, and one for quarters. And if you want to store the coins in an easily accessible way, the store sells pressed coin books.

Besides all the great merchandise options, Mouse Gear is one of the best-themed stores on property.  There are hidden Mickeys on the walls throughout the store, a number of colorful Disney murals, “shadows” of characters you can see (and in some areas HEAR), huge gears that click, and the biggest bonus of all for those who recall the original Figment ride. Up above near the fitting room, you can see the vehicle Dreamfinder and Figment rode in the original attraction.

Dreamfinder from the original Figment ride in Mouse Gear

By the way, please be sure to look up when you visit Mouse Gear, you can easily miss all the cool things if you don’t check out the walls and ceiling. Lastly, if you are in need of medication or baby needs, Mouse Gear is one of the few places in Epcot you can buy pain relievers, sanitary napkins, pacifiers, band-aids, and more. These items are not on display, just ask at any of the registers.  FYI: There IS a first aid and a baby care station near the Odyssey House if you need more assistance.

If you exit Mouse Gear on the side where the big fountain is and you turn left, you reach two kiosks opposite one another on the main path to World Showcase.  During festivals these kiosks often focus on festival merchandise.  You can also find cold drinks, as well as a small selection of hats, pins, lanyards, and clothing. If instead of going towards those kiosks, and you went through the breezeway to the left, you will find gift shops at Mission Space and Test Track. Although you will walk through these shops if you ride either attraction, you can walk into the shops with no need to ride. The shops are themed to the rides, so at Mission Space you’ll find a lot of Space/NASA related items for both kids and adults. There are toys and clothing, all related in some way to outer space. If you ride this attraction or just visit the store, be sure to check out the awesome Fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy) outer space mural behind the register on the back wall.

Mural from inside the Mission Space store at Epcot

The Test Track gift shop has an entire section of merchandise from Pixar’s “Cars” series, as well as shirts themed for a number of classic automobiles beloved by many adults (I.E. Camaro, Corvette). There are mugs, hats, and other souvenirs, all with an auto theme. Here you will also find a machine where you can design and buy engravable ID tags, and a Test Track themed booth where you are able to take and purchase fun photos.

Merchandise from the Test Track store at Epcot

Photo Booth at Test Track Store in Epcot

If you go back through the breezeway you just came from, and continue straight ahead, you will see Starbucks on the left, just past the large fountain. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of merchandise here, but they do have mugs, insulated cups, and (surprise!) coffee for sale. Next door to Starbucks you can find a decent selection of Coca Cola memorabilia at Club Cool (along with free soda tasting).

Merchandise from Club Cool at Epcot

Going straight past Starbucks and through a second breezeway, you will find yourself at The Land pavilion.  Interestingly enough, considering how big that building is, the shop is probably the smallest at Epcot.  Located by the entrance/exit to Soarin’ and named The Green Thumb, the store has a small selection of plants, a few shirts, and pins. They also sell bagged cotton candy, candy bars, as well as bagged popcorn in a variety of flavors.

Land Pavilion Store at Epcot

Exiting the Land and turning left will lead you to the Nemo attraction.  Again, you do not have to ride to enter the gift shop.  This store is chock full of—what else? 😊  — Nemo character merchandise, with items from both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory: Plush, shirts (lots of varieties of “Mine Mine Mine”), toys, hats and more, all reminding us Nemo or one of his friends.

Nemo Merchandise from Epcot

Additionally, there is an engravable ID tag machine, a pressed penny, and a pressed quarter machine in this shop.

Pressed Penny machine at Epcot

Instead of turning left, if you exit the Land and go to the right, you will end up at Journey to Imagination with Figment. If you don’t want to ride, as stated earlier with other shops, you can enter the store without going on the attraction.  You’ll find Figment plush, hats, mugs, socks, sweatshirts, keychains, and a selection of Figment prints framed in cardboard. There is a huge Pixar selection here, possibly because right next door is the Pixar and Disney Film Festival attraction.  As the Disney Vacation Club lounge is accessed from this store, you can find a selection of DVC merchandise here.

DVC merch available at the Figment Store in Epcot

Lastly, there is a section called “Magic Photo Shop” where a Cast Member will take your picture and you pick a design. When your photo is finished, it will appear you are in the picture with the character or attraction you chose.  There are also photo booths here, similar to the ones mentioned earlier at Test Track, and there is a pressed penny machine.

Photo Op location at Epcot

We have come full circle, and we are at the end of our journey around the shops at Future World in Epcot. I would like to make a few general comments about the merchandise stores:

  1. Most of the shops have free buttons celebrating special occasions. If you are looking for a Birthday, First Visit, Anniversary/Engagement, or I’m Celebrating button, ask at the register
  2. If you are in need of an outlet to plug in your phone charger, it’s OK to do so at any of the shops. Mouse Gear has the most outlets. Do not leave your phone unattended while it’s charging.
  3. It is rare to find bathing suits at any of the stores at any of the theme parks. If you are looking for swim gear go to the shop at one of the hotels on property, or one of the water parks.
  4. Most every shop sells gift cards; they are usually located by the checkout registers.
  5. If you forgot to get a map or times guide when you arrived, the majority of stores have them easily accessible by the checkout area.
  6. If you are on the Disney Dining plan, don’t forget that most of the snacks you buy in stores, including bottled water, qualify as snack credits. However, not all qualify, so to avoid disappointment check with a Cast Member if you’re not sure.
  7. If you love pressed coins, this website has a list of where to find all of them at Walt Disney World:


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