Relaxing near the Savanna: Animals Found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

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Did you know Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House have over 200 animals and birds living in the Savannas that guests can see when visiting each resort?

Zebras on the Savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. Tall trees are coming out of the green grass, and the sky is blue above the resort in the background of the building.

Guests can view the different animals from quiet viewing areas found around the resorts. At each viewing area, there is a turn-style sign where you can learn about some animals found in the Savanna. Each sign has the animal’s name, a short description of the animal, and a fun fact. The viewing areas also have Cast Members available to discuss the animals you can discover on the resort grounds throughout the day.

Brown wooden rocking chairs on a porch overlooking the Savanna.

Turn-style information sign about Giraffes attached to a wooden fence on the side of the Savanna.

Guests should keep in mind that if they are looking to secure a stay in a Savanna View room at either resort, there is no guarantee that they will be able to see the animals from their room during the day as the animals can be roaming free in the Savannas.

Three Giraffes on the Savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. There are trees and a dirt path on the Savanna.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas has three savannas: Sunset Savanna, Arusha Savanna, and Uzima Savanna. Sunset Savanna is the largest of the three and is shared by both Jambo House and Kidani Village. Also, as Sunset Savanna is a large Savanna, it has the best animal activity.

Flamingoes in an enclosure on the Savanna. They are standing in a puddle with large rocks near them.

If you stop by the front desk at each resort, you can learn about some of the special tours and talks that may be taking place during your visit. Some tours are an additional fee but will get you closer to the animals than you can get in any of the rooms or viewing areas.

When I visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, trying to see as many animals as possible is one of my goals. There are Wildlife Field Guides found in both the Guest Rooms and at the Lobby Concierge that guests can use to help identify each species found in the Savanna. Guests can learn more about the African animals as well as the ecosystems they live in when they participate in fun programs led by Animal Specialists.

Wildlife Spotting Guide available in guest rooms.

We can’t talk about the Savannas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and not mention the animals you can see in the Savanna! As there are quite a few animals to see, I would like to tell you about my top 5 animals I love to watch at the resorts!


Reticulated Giraffe

The Reticulated Giraffe can be found in the Sunset Savanna, Arusha Savanna, and Uzima Savanna. They are originally found in northeastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia, and Somalia. A group of Reticulated Giraffe are called a Tower, which makes sense with how tall they are. Their height can vary from 13 to 20 feet, and they are the tallest animal in the world. These tall, beautiful animals have brown-orange patches separated by thick, bright white lines, and each Reticulated Giraffe has different patterns similar to human fingerprints. I love watching the Reticulated Giraffe eating from the trees.

Three Giraffes standing amongst the trees on the Savanna.



Ostriches can be found in the Sunset Savanna and Pembe Savanna. They are native to Namibia in Africa and across Eurasia. They are the world’s largest bird, the world’s fastest land bird, and lay the largest eggs of any living land animal. As you can see, they hold quite a few records. A group of Ostriches is called a flock. A herd of Ostriches can vary from a pair to 10 to over 100 or more. A herd will always have a dominant male and a dominant female. I like that ostriches sometimes look like they are either smiling or ready to give you sass.

Wooden chairs around a fire pit in front of the resort.


Grant’s Zebra

Grant’s Zebra can be found in the Arusha Savanna. They come from Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and south to central Angola and eastern South Africa. They like to roam around savannas, grasslands, and open areas. They are the smallest zebras in the zebra family. A group of Grant’s Zebra are called families or harems and are led by a single male, similar to a herd of horses. Each Grant’s Zebra has a strong sense of smell, hearing, and vision, so they are able to avoid predators.

Two Zebras eating grass on the Savanna. The camera is focused on a large rock with the Zebras in the background.


Thomson Gazelles

Thomson Gazelles, also known as Tommies, can be found in the Sunset Savanna and Uzima Savanna. They are named after Joseph Thomson, who was a Scottish explorer. They come from East Africa’s savannas and grassland habitats, specifically the Serengeti region of Kenya and Tanzania. They live in a herd of up to 700 and can be found with other animal herds, such as zebras. You can tell the difference between a Thomson Gazelle male and female by their size, as well as the size and style of its horns. I love watching baby gazelles, known as fawns or calves, laying.


East Africa Crown Cranes

 East Africa Crown Cranes, also called Grey Crowned Crane, can be found in the Sunset Savanna. It is the national bird of Uganda and can be found in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa. They like to live in areas that have both wetlands and grasslands. East Africa Crown Cranes are usually found in pairs but could be found in a small flock of 20. They are the only cranes that sleep in trees. I love looking at these unique birds with their stunning eyes, dark grey to black feathers, red patches on their head and neck, and straw-yellow crowns on their head.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas - Jambo House building. Large brown building with colorful balconies. There is a large tree with birds sitting on it at the front of the photo.


 Is there an animal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas you are looking forward to seeing on your next trip?

~ Mya


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