Quick Service Options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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There are quite a few quick-service choices at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Some are very obvious to guests; others are smaller and can easily be passed by unnoticed. 

This blog will discuss all the options for “real” food, ice cream, and other dessert carts will not be included here. First, I will describe the places with a wide selection of meal options, and then I will list the various food carts which have fewer meal selections. Please keep in mind that the food choices can vary seasonally. 

Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Let’s start with Discovery Island and a guest favorite, Flame Tree Barbecue. You can get mac and cheese here too, but most guests order the pulled pork, chicken, or ribs. They also have combo platters so you can sample everything. There is a separate kids menu that offers hot dogs, uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, turkey sandwich, or chicken drumsticks. The kids’ meal includes a small beverage and side dish. For adults, there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage choices. There is a walk-up window to order your food, and plenty of tables nearby (outside only) to enjoy what you ordered. A number of desserts are available. Both Annual Passholders and those who have Tables in Wonderland get 20% off at Flame Tree. It is one quick-service meal for those on a Disney Dining plan.

Flame Tree Barbeque restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island is also where you will find Pizzafari. This is an indoor location and is beautifully themed, arguably the best theming of all the quick service places in the Animal Kingdom. It’s brightly colored and has gorgeous animal murals festooning the walls. 

Pizzafari sign

interior dining room at Pizzafari

Offerings include a variety of pizza and flatbreads, as well as chicken Caesar salad. Pizzafari has a separate menu for children, which includes pasta, uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mac and cheese, and kid-sized portions of pizza. Kids meals include a small water or milk, as well as carrot sticks or grapes. There are a variety of both hot and cold beverages for sale, including mixed drinks with alcohol, as well as wine and beer. A number of dessert options are available. Tables in Wonderland gets a 20% discount here, and it’s one counter service credit if you’re on a dining plan.         

Creature Comforts on Discovery Island is the name for the Starbucks in the Animal Kingdom. Naturally, you will find many types of coffee and other beverages here, but they also offer a number of breakfast sandwiches and bagels, as well as turkey with mozzarella and also Roast Beef sandwiches. Additionally, there are plenty of pastries and muffins at Creature Comforts. Guests on the Disney Dining plan can use snack credits here. There is no seating area; it’s a grab and go.

Creature Comforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Moving over to Pandora, you will find Satu’li Canteen, a personal favorite. The theming is very cool, fits in perfectly with Pandora, right down to photos on the walls of creatures found in the land. Guests choose from one of five proteins; one of three bases; and one of three sauces. There are many tables, either outdoors or inside. The separate kids menu includes either cheeseburgers, quesadillas, or hot dog, and each comes with veggie chips and grapes and a choice of milk or a small bottle of water. The only discounts here are for the Disney Dining Plan; it’s one quick-service meal. Bonus! If you arrive at opening (generally 10:30 am but times can vary seasonally), the Cast Members do a special opening ceremony which guests are also a part of. There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for adults and a variety of dessert choices.

Satu’li Canteen restaurant

Moving over to the Africa section of the park, you will find the Harambe Market. This is a very well-themed area, and the buildings, signs, and everything else you see makes you feel as if you really are in an African Marketplace. 

Harambe Market sign

It’s split up into a number of walk-up windows, each offering different food options, and there are many outdoor tables where you can sit and enjoy your meal. Options include Ribs; Gyros (lamb, beef or chicken); Pork or Chicken Sausage; Veggie Bowls. Kid’s choices include Corndogs, uncrustables, or a chicken bowl, with carrot sticks or apples and a small water or milk. A number of adult beverages, as well as soft drinks, are available at Harambe Market.

dining area at Harambe Market

Restaurantosaurus is located in Dinoland. 

Restaruantosaurus restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Naturally, it is themed with many Dinosaur artifacts, which makes it a fun choice for kids. Most of the seating is indoors, but there are a few tables outside as well. This eatery consists of American fare: burgers, chicken, shrimp, sandwiches, and fries. Kids are offered chicken nuggets, turkey wrap, uncrustables, or a cheeseburger, and each kid’s meal comes with a small drink and a side of carrots or apples. From 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm each evening, Restaurantosaurus currently offers a “make your own sundae” ice cream option. This may vary seasonally. There are a variety of other desserts available all day. 

Restaurantosaurus sign

dining room at Restaurantosaurus

In Asia, while there is a table-service restaurant called the Yak and Yeti, there is also a quick-service window option at Yak and Yeti. Choices at this walk-up window include Teryaki bowls; Honey Sesame Chicken; Cheeseburgers; Hot Dogs; Chicken Salad; Sweet and Sour Shrimp Tempura; and a veggie option known as Tikka Masala. Beer and Wine, as well as soft drinks, are sold here. Kids meals offered are uncrustables; Cheeseburgers or Chicken Strips, which all come with a small water or milk and either fruit or carrot sticks.  

menu for the Yak & Yeti walk-up window

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are a number of small food carts with less selection, but which do sell lunch/light dinner items. These include:

  • Eight Spoons Café (Discovery Island). This a very beautiful decorative food cart, where you can order a few items. The café serves Macaroni and Cheese, plain, with pulled pork or with shrimp and sweet chili sauce. There are no discounts, but if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, it’s one snack credit per dish.
  • Kusafiri (Africa): A number of curry dishes as well as salad, snacks, and soft drinks, including cappuccino. Disney Dining plan accepted.
  • Mr. Kamal’s (Asia): Chicken Dumplings; Hummus with mini pita; Seasoned Fries; Soft Drinks. Disney Dining plan accepted.

Mr. Kamal’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Dino Diner (Dinoland): Corn Chip Pie (similar to nachos); Hot dogs; Chili Dogs; Soft Drinks; Beer; Churros. Disney Dining plan accepted.

Dino Diner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Lastly, I want to mention one other option. Tiffins, on Discovery Island, is a signature restaurant. There is a lounge in the restaurant, known as the Nomad Pub and Lounge. The lounge offers a nice variety of small plates, a large selection of adult beverages, some fun non-alcoholic cocktails, and many types of coffee. No reservation is necessary for the lounge. The small plate options include Sliders; Tuna Poke; Ribs; Charcuterie; Cheese Platter; Bread Service; Fish Tacos; Chicken, Beef and Tuna Bowls; Poutine; Veggie “Impossible” burgers.

Happy eating everyone!



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