Feeling the Love at Walt Disney World!

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It’s Valentine’s season, and love is in the air! 

Since Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time when you share the things you love with the people you cherish, I want to share with you some of the different ways I see love celebrated around Walt Disney World!

Mural in Disney Springs that reads "You Warm My Heart."

It’s an epic date night destination:

With hundreds of restaurants, so many entertainment options, countless lounges and venues for nightlife, 4 theme parks, and more, Disney World is the place to enjoy a romance-filled night out on the town with your special someone! 

Walkway Path into Disney's Riviera Resort pool area, with a rod iron arch over the walkway.

If I were planning my ideal date night at WDW, it would start with dinner at Toppolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort. The views are absolutely incredible, and the food is just *chef’s kiss* delicious! This restaurant is just overflowing with romantic atmosphere as well, and the service is always top notch!

Entrance to Topolino's Terrace with large reef-shaped gold chandelier.

After dinner, it would be a gondola ride for 2 on the Skyliner over to Epcot to watch the nighttime spectacular. Once the fireworks have concluded, I’d like a moonlit walk along Cresent Lake to Disney’s Beach Club Villas for a sweet snack from Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, continuing on to Disney’s BoardWalk Villas to enjoy some live entertainment and maybe visit Abracadabar or Jellyrolls to wind down the evening.  

Entrance to Beaches and Cream.

Entrance to Abracadabar and Trattoria al Forno on Disney's Boardwalk.

Now, that’s my personal idea of a great date, but it really doesn’t matter how or where you choose to spend your evening out; you know you’re in for a magical time! I’ve seen lots of couples having a night out at Disney Springs for dinner and a show at the AMC Theater or Cirque du Soleil. Even a low-key quick service bite to eat and a Movie Under the Stars screening at your resort would be a wonderful way to share some quality time together during your trip!

It’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion, engagement, or even the big day!:

Perhaps you’re traveling with other big, romantic plans in mind! Walt Disney World is a dreamy place for a proposal, a special celebration, or even a magical, unforgettable fairy tale wedding!

Wedding Pavilion at Disney's Grand Floridian.

Since I was a little girl, I have witnessed countless proposals and seen many beautiful brides on Disney trips. So many of us dream of being the princess or knight in shining armor in the tales as old as time we hear as kids, and you can’t help but swoon over the ambiance of romance and magic that Disney World effortlessly creates! 

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom lit up at night.

Many of our own DVCR team members have also gotten engaged, married, or honeymooned at WDW! From getting down on one knee in front of Cinderella Castle to saying your vows at Seabreeze Point at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, watching celebratory fireworks sparkle over the skies at Epcot during an intimate reception, or dancing the night away with some of your favorite characters, there are so many places around the property that are perfect for such unforgettable moments in your personal love story.

The landscape of Disney's Boardwalk with Crescent Lake in front of it.

Celebrating other life milestones at Disney is another great way to feel the love during your trip! Pre-wedding trips with the girls or guys ahead of the big day are something we see a lot of as David’s team members, as are trips to commemorate anniversaries, babymoons, retirements, graduations, and more! I can certainly say that WDW is absolutely my favorite place to spend my birthday! I think any time you’re with those you love and get to have cake is an awesome day. Add in the magic of Walt Disney World, and that truly becomes one of the best days ever!

50th Anniversary Gold Statue of Lady and the Tramp on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom.

It’s a place that we share with all those we love:

Even if you’re not traveling to WDW with a spouse or partner, it’s somewhere that you typically vacation with loved ones. Whether it’s your kids, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, or even your co-workers (some of my favorite Disney moments include my fellow team members), it’s a place where you make memories with people you hold dear.

Cinderella Wishing Well at Magic Kingdom.

The resorts are beautiful, and the parks are full of fun rides and shows, but for most of us, the reason we love WDW so much and want to go back often is because of the feelings we experience with our loved ones during our trips. Chances are, when you think of Disney World, the things your mind conjures up are images of the smiles captured in your family vacation photos. You think of the sound of the giggles you get when you ride your favorite attractions with friends or the feeling of the happy tears that have welled in your eyes as you experience your little ones seeing Cinderella Castle or their favorite characters for the first time. 

The Mountain at Expedition Everest.

Trevi Fountain in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot.

If you’re a long-time Disney fanatic like me, my love for the special people in my life just seems amplified at Walt Disney World, and if I could share every day there with them, I would!

It’s a place that was made with love and dreams in a heart that wanted to share:

It’s no secret that Walt Disney was passionate about making dreams come true, and even though he wasn’t able to see all that his namesake Walt Disney World grew into, you can feel his love for family unity and storytelling all over the property. 

Walt Statue at Epcot.

Holding true to Walt’s legacy of bringing stories to life and loved ones together, the Imagineers who helped create all of the parks, attractions, dining experiences, shows, parades, resorts, and more bring enchantment and their love for their craft into our lives. 

Shadow of Disney's Riviera Resort logo projected on the side of the building.

Te Fiti statue in the Journey to Moana at Epcot.

If you’ve watched any of the many documentaries and behind-the-scenes shows out there, you know that a ton of elbow grease and a true love of what they do goes into making those creative dreams a reality in the parks and resorts for us all to enjoy. I am so grateful for the impact they’ve had on my life thus far, and I think that’s another beautiful reason their destinations are such love-filled places!

Wishing Well and painting of Snow White in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot.

It really doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, why you’re visiting WDW, or who you might be going with; there’s a reason that people all over the world call it their favorite place. A true love of wanting to make the world a more magical, positive place is the essence of what makes Disney World so special. 

Statue of Lady and the Tramp in Tony's Restaurant wearing red and white striped scarves.

I hope that your Valentine’s Day celebrations and Disney plans are filled with love and magic! Thanks for reading!




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