Walt Disney World Resort Christmas Tree Challenge

Posted:  Holidays

Each of the resorts at Walt Disney World have decorations for the holiday season that match the theme of the resort. I’ve been spending a few days touring the resorts, taking pictures to share here on the blog and on our facebook page. For today’s blog I thought we’d have a little fun with a few of the pictures. Below are 24 images of ornaments from the Christmas trees at the resorts I’ve been to so far. Can you guess which resort each ornament is from? Hint: There’s a cheat sheet at the bottom of the page – but no peaking until you’re done!

1.  _BLB5430_IJFR

2.  _BLB5992_IJFR

3.  _BLB5814_IJFR

4.  _BLB5990_IJFR

5.  IMG_7449

6.  _BLB5319_IJFR

7.  _BLB5445_IJFR

8.  _BLB5801_IJFR

9.  _BLB5599_IJFR

10. _BLB5321_IJFR

11. IMG_7453

12. _BLB5994_IJFR

13. _BLB5810_IJFR

14. _BLB5304_IJFR

15. _BLB5989_IJFR

16. _BLB5804_IJFR

17. _BLB5320_IJFR

18. _BLB5435_IJFR

19. _BLB5447_IJFR

20. IMG_7455

21. _BLB5303_IJFR

22. _BLB5988_IJFR

23. IMG_7454

24. _BLB5427_IJFR

~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director 


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