DVC Dining: Which Resort Reigns Supreme?

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There are many great things about a trip to Walt Disney World. Whether it is the rides, the resorts, the shows, or the food, there is always something to enjoy! Food, in particular, is a huge draw for people when traveling to Disney, and it is not just about snacks in the parks. DVC resorts offer amazing dining amenities, from snacks to fine dining options, and can be a deciding factor about where you choose to stay. 

Olivia's Cafe Sign

 Today, team members Alyssa and Mya will share some of their favorite dining options at DVC Resorts!

 Hello! My name is Alyssa, and I am one of the Heads of Social Media at David’s Vacation Club Rentals. When I travel to Disney, I plan what I am doing and where I am going based on what I want to eat, so I am so excited to share my DVC Resort dining opinions with you! 

Alyssa with Luisa Topiary at Flower and Garden Festival

 Hi! My name is Mya, and I am a Vacation Coordinator and Social Media Specialist at David’s Vacation Club Rentals. When I go to Walt Disney World, dining at different restaurants is a big part of my trip. I am always excited to try something new. I recently went on my first Work Research Trip and had the opportunity to try different restaurants at the DVC Resorts. I look forward to telling you my thoughts on a couple of the dining options.

Mya with Goofy and Pluto


Which DVC Resort has your favorite quick-service restaurant?

Alyssa: My favorite quick-service restaurant can be found at my dream DVC Resort – Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows! Capt. Cook’s, located on the main floor of the Polynesian Resort, features delicious quick-service meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This restaurant sticks out to me more than any other quick service at a DVC Resort because the tropical flair to the food options gives standard Disney food options an elevation that is both fun and delicious! 

Capt. Cook's Sign

While most of the breakfast options are pretty standard, you can order the fan-favorite Tonga Toast here! This is an amazing option for people who do not have time to sit for (or can’t get a) dining reservation at Kona Cafe

Decor in Capt. Cook's

My absolute favorite thing to get at Capt. Cook’s is the Pulled Pork Nachos! This take on Nachos is delicious. The pineapple salsa gives a sweetness that cuts through the richness of the pork, and the pico de gallo adds the perfect freshness to brighten the dish. It is a fantastic meal to enjoy if you are resort-hopping or looking to get out of Magic Kingdom for lunch one day. 

Here’s a great tip: While not technically at Capt. Cook’s, Pineapple Lanai, around the corner, serves dole whip, which is the perfect dessert after pulled pork nachos! 

Dole Whip at Disney's Polynesian Villas

Mya: The Artist’s Palette is an excellent quick-service restaurant and small gift shop found in the Carriage House at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. I would say this is my favorite DVC Resort quick-service restaurant because Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa was my first DVC resort to stay at, so I was able to dine at The Artist’s Palette numerous times to appreciate it.

The Artist's Palette Sign

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the area was the colorful glass light design and the spacious dining room. Guests can order gourmet food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and purchase grab’ n’ go items. I had a bacon and caramelized onion quiche during my trip, and it was one of my favorite breakfast dishes. I enjoyed taking a short walk to Artist’s Palette from my deluxe studio room whenever I wanted.

On my last trip, I tried Mobile Ordering through My Disney Experience, and I found it very useful. Guests can pick an available mobile order location, set their arrival time and choose the items they wish to order. After guests have reviewed their order, you can pay for it using a credit card, debit card, Disney Gift Card, Disney Rewards Redemption Card, or Apple Pay.

Colorful Lighting Fixtures in The Artist's Palette

 On my next trip, I can’t wait to try the different bakery items, such as the cupcakes at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.


Which DVC Resort has your favorite table-service restaurant? 

Alyssa: Now, this is a tough question, and it would be almost impossible for me to narrow it down to just one. However, I can narrow it down to two restaurants: Sanaa and Olivia’s Cafe

Sanaa Sign

Sanaa, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village, specializes in African cooking incorporating Indian flavors. On top of the food being amazing and unique, the windows in this restaurant look out onto the Savanna, so you can try to catch a glimpse of the animals grazing! 

Bread Service

 Now, my favorite menu item at Sanaa is the Indian-style Bread Service. The Bread Service is different types of naan with nine distinct dips and spreads to enjoy. It is the perfect appetizer for sharing (or for enjoying on your own if you so choose). As a main, I always get the Grilled New York Strip. The perfect sear on the steak with the sweet fig sauce is such a great second course after the Bread Service. 

Olivia's Cafe Entrance

 My other favorite, Olivia’s Cafe, is located at Disney’s Old Key West Resort! Very different from Sanaa, Olivia’s welcomes guests into a cozy nautical-themed dining room with delicious home-cooked-style meals. Olivia’s serves brunch and dinner, and both meals are delectable. My go-to order at Olivia’s Cafe is the Slow-cooked Prime Rib. The tender prime rib with the delicious Olivia’s Potatoes is such a perfect meal and feels like my mom’s home cooking right in the middle of Walt Disney World. Oh, and be sure to try the Key Lime Tart. It is one of my favorite Key Lime tarts ever! 

Mya: It was hard to decide on just one table-service restaurant, so I chose the restaurant I have dined at the most. 

'Ohana Sign

‘Ohana is a Family Style and Character dining restaurant found in the main building at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and it is my favorite table-service restaurant. ‘Ohana Breakfast is the perfect location to enjoy Walt Disney World’s famous Mickey Waffles. Guests can also enjoy freshly made Pineapple-Coconut Breakfast Bread, Fresh Fruit, Pog Juice, and other breakfast items. 

Breakfast Platter at 'Ohana

Mya with Mickey Mouse

I love meeting Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto whenever I visit ‘Ohana. I believe character dining is a great option to add to your Disney World visit. It keeps the magic alive, and it allows you to meet characters without having to wait in line. I feel it can be more personal than meeting characters in the parks. When we went to ‘Ohana last, Stitch and I had a competition to see who had a better Elvis impression.

Stitch at 'Ohana

My goal for my next trip to Walt Disney World is to have dinner at ‘Ohana, as I have not experienced it yet.


Which restaurant at a DVC resort is on your Disney Dining bucket list? 

Alyssa: The restaurant on my Disney Dining Bucket List is California Grill, located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. I know what you are thinking, “the Contemporary is not a DVC Resort.” But since it is attached to Bay Lake Tower, and guests staying at Bay Lake Tower can access all of the Contemporary’s amenities, we are counting it. 

Bay Lake Tower

California Grill is a signature dining restaurant that offers a three-course menu for dinner. While I have heard fantastic things about the food, the real reason I want to go here is for the views! The eatery is located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary and overlooks Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon. If you are lucky enough to get a reservation during the Magic Kingdom fireworks, the lights in the restaurant dim, and the music for the fireworks pipe into the restaurant, giving an incredible viewing experience for everyone inside. There is something so magical about enjoying a delicious meal while watching the fireworks. 

 Mya: I hope to one day dine at Cítricos located at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian. Cítricos is an American cuisine and fine/ signature dining restaurant. I would love to experience all of the dining options at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian at least once, and Cítricos is at the top of the list.

Citricos Sign

I have seen photos of the dining room, but they don’t do it justice. I was able to walk through it and take in the stunning dining area. The decor is very elegant, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows where guests have a fantastic view both day and night of the resort.

I would love to try the Berkshire Pork Belly, Guava Barbecued Short Ribs, Truffle Mac & Cheese, or Orange Blossom Flan from the restaurant. I find it neat that the restaurant has an open kitchen that allows guests to be able to watch their meals being prepared.

Citricos Dining Area


What is one of the best things you have ever eaten at a DVC Resort? 

Alyssa: As with my favorite table-service restaurant, I cannot pick one thing that is the best I have ever eaten at a DVC Resort, but I have narrowed it down to two. 

As I explained earlier in the blog, the Indian-style Bread Service from Sanaa is the perfect appetizer. Easy to share, the Bread Service allows you to try a lot of different dips and spreads that really showcase the African and Indian flavors. It is incredibly delicious and definitely worth trying.

Chef Mickey's Sign

The other best thing I have ever eaten at a DVC Resort is the Cheesy Potatoes at Chef Mickey’s. Located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Chef Mickey’s is a character dining buffet that features the Fab Five and is open for breakfast and dinner. The Cheesy Potatoes are only on the breakfast buffet, but they are so good that they are worth waking up for. These potatoes are so cheesy, creamy, and warm that I cannot help but go back for seconds (or thirds)! 

Mya: I love cheese, so of course, one of the best things I have ever eaten at a DVC Resort would have to be the Baked Brie at Bar Riva lounge located at Disney’s Riviera Resort. The Baked Brie is topped with Confit Tomatoes and served with Crostini. For future trips, I plan to stop by Bar Riva each visit to have the brie at least once. Even though Baked Brie is a snack I can have at home, it tastes better at Disney.

Bar Riva Menu and Baked Brie


Which DVC Resort do you think has the best overall dining options?

Alyssa: I think the DVC Resort with the best overall dining options is the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This resort has something for everyone. There are poolside bars, quick-service options, table-service options, and signature dining options. There is also Victoria and Albert’s, a fine-dining restaurant with a delectable tasting menu that has recently earned placement on the Michelin Guide. With all these restaurants to choose from, there is always something to enjoy, whether you are staying here or just stopping by for a meal and some shopping. 

Narcoossee's Building and Menu Sign

Victoria and Albert's Sign

Grand Floridian Cafe Menu

Mya: I think Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas has the best overall dining options. What I like a lot about the dining here is there are various options, such as American, African, and Indian cuisines. Guests can find Fine/Signature Dining, Unique & Themed Dining, Quick Service, Lounges, and In-Room Dining to choose from.

Boma Sign

The Mara Menu Sign

Sanaa Menu

As Alyssa mentioned, the restaurant Sanaa has an excellent Indian-style Bread Service where you will receive Five Breads with Nine Accompaniments. I ordered the Tomato bisque, and it was amazing! I would like to find a recipe for it and try making it myself.

Tomato Bisque

Even the pool bars at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas have great options for guests, such as Spiced Pork Nachos, Short Rib Grilled Cheese, Shrimp Bakuli, and different salads. All of the restaurants have great kids’ menus as well.

Animal Kingdom Villas Pool

As you can see, DVC Resorts offer so many different dining options that you will have a hard time deciding what to eat next! What is your favorite dining option at a DVC Resort?

~Alyssa and Mya


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