Disney: Party of One – The Top 5 Things I’m Most Excited for on My Next Solo Stay!

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Who else gets goosebumps when they think about their Disney trip countdown? 

Cinderella Castle

If you’re anything like me, you start counting down the days the moment your reservation has been confirmed, and let me tell you, my current countdown is down to single digits! It’s almost time for another solo adventure to Walt Disney World!

Disney’s Boardwalk Villas across Crescent Lake

love traveling solo! Don’t get me wrong, I also love traveling with my family, friends, and teammates too, but there’s a sense of liberation you get when you take a trip all on your own. Each and every moment is yours to fill with anything you want to see, eat, ride, and experience. If you decide you want to sleep in long past rope drop, you can! If you decide you want ice cream for dinner, then you can have ice cream for dinner! There’s no need to consult anyone else before you decide what your plans are, and you can really maximize your time crossing all of your must-dos off your list (or throw out your list altogether!)

Ice Cream Float

I feel like I’m hearing more and more people talk about their solo adventures to Walt Disney World, so today, I thought I would share with you the top 5 things I’m most excited to experience during my upcoming solo stay!

The Tree of Life


# 5 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

For many of our DVCR team members (myself included), Epcot’s newest attraction has shot up their favorites list and nestled its way into a top spot. I am a huge lover of thrill rides, and this coaster definitely has lots of features to satisfy those who love to get their adrenaline pumping! The last time I visited Epcot was on the opening day of this new attraction, and I LOVED it! Because it was not only the opening day but also a holiday weekend, the crowds were pretty heavy, however, and I only had the chance to ride it a single time. There are so many details to take in when riding a new attraction for the first time that I’m sure I missed a few things, so I’m very excited to take another spin through space with Groot, Star-Lord, and their pals during my visit to Epcot!

Spaceship Outside Guardians Cosmic Rewind


# 4 – Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

For my upcoming trip, I am going to be staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas! I have stayed at this resort before but haven’t had the chance to experience a stay here on my own as a solo traveler. What I love most about BoardWalk is its prime location! Being within walking distance of two parks, neighboring resorts, and a Skyliner station is super convenient and makes it quick and easy to get around. On my arrival day, I don’t plan to visit a theme park, but I am planning to take myself to dinner at Disney’s Riviera Resort, and walking over to the Skyliner station along the walkway to Epcot will allow me to get there without taking multiple busses.

Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Building

Another great thing about the BoardWalk is just how many dining and entertainment options there are right at your resort, with even more on the way soon! The pool is fantastic, and the Keister Coaster waterslide is a ton of fun. Of course, the villas themselves are lovely as well, and the theme of this resort is one of my personal favorites! When I travel on personal trips to Walt Disney World, I am typically out in the parks from rope drop to fireworks, but I am really looking forward to spending some more time enjoying the resort on this trip!

Keister Coaster at the Boardwalk


# 3 – Bar Riva and Primo Piatto at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Some of my teammates had the chance to visit Bar Riva recently and have been raving about this open-air poolside bar ever since! Bar Riva serves up food and beverages, and rumor has it they are all amazing! 

Additionally, some of my other DVCR teammates have been sharing how much they enjoyed their lunch at Primo Piatto, the resort’s quick service eatery! After hearing such high praise, I knew I would have to put both locations on my wish list for my next trip. I love the whole ambiance of Riviera and can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal here, as well as check out the Mediterranean-inspired features of this gorgeous resort!

Bar Riva Menu

Mushroom Arancini from Bar Riva


#2 – Haunted Mansion

I have to admit, I am sitting here typing these words while wearing a Haunted Mansion sweatshirt. The attraction’s soundtrack is playing in the background, and I am surrounded by the Haunted Mansion-themed artwork, Minnie ears, collectibles, pins, and throw pillows that fill my home office space. As you can probably guess, this is my all-time favorite Disney attraction! While I have experienced this ride countless times, the excitement of visiting again never goes away for me. It is always the ride I look forward to the most, and if I had the chance, I would spend the whole day in a Doom Buggy touring the different rooms of Gracey Manor and socializing with the 999 Happy Haunts over and over again! 

Haunted Mansion


# 1 – Harmonious

From the first time I saw it back in 2021, Harmonious, Epcot’s current nighttime spectacular, became a new favorite of mine! On each trip I have taken since it began, I have tried to squeeze in as many viewings of the show as possible, and now that the announcement of its final show date has been made, I am eager to see the stunning show again before the end of its run. 

Epcot Ball

There is just something about this evening show that really struck a chord with me! I love the colorful displays of lasers and fireworks! The music is also absolutely incredible, with each portion of the show mixing popular Disney songs and movie moments together with inspiration from the different countries around World Showcase. While I’m excited to see what kind of magic Disney has up their sleeves for the next new show to come along, I’ve really enjoyed Harmonious while it lasted, and I am excited to get in a couple more viewings before the show closes on April 2, 2023.

Carnival Billboards near Boardwalk Pool

While this upcoming trip will differ slightly from trips I have taken in the past (for example, I’m only visiting 2 of the 4 parks and will be spending some time enjoying the resort amenities), I absolutely cannot wait! It’s always fun to spend time in the magical bubble of Walt Disney World, and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you all soon!




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