Boo to You Parade at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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The Boo to You Parade began at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in 1999. After all these years, the parade remains the favorite of many guests, and some feel this alone is worth the cost of going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom. There are other events at the party, but this blog will focus solely on the parade. 

Boo To You Sign

FYI: The party is a separately ticketed event that runs from 7 PM-12 PM, although guests with tickets can enter the park at 4 PM. Guests without party tickets must leave the park by 6 PM. Cast Members check throughout the night to be sure party guests wear the special band they receive upon entry. 

Cinderella Castle at Dusk

Boo to You is based on characters in all of the lands in the Magic Kingdom. During this parade, guests can enjoy villains, pirates, ghouls, fantasy characters, and other beloved characters. Some of these characters are rarely seen at Walt Disney World; others are ONLY seen in the Boo to You parade. 

Clarabelle in a Cow Girl Costume on a float

Before the start of the parade this year (this blog focuses solely on the 2022 version), characters came out to entertain guests waiting for it to begin. I like watching from Frontierland, where the parade begins, plus I find it less crowded than watching from Main Street. (Others wouldn’t watch it anywhere BUT Main Street, it’s a personal choice). Where I was in Frontierland, a few of the Country Bears came out into the roped-off street. They pulled some guests from the crowd and danced and interacted with them. It was fun to watch and made the wait more enjoyable. 

There are two showings of Boo to You; this year, the times were 9:15 and 11:15. Based on past experience, the later one is always less crowded, as families with little ones have left the park by then. To get a good viewing spot for the earlier parade, it is necessary to arrive on Main Street about an hour before the parade starts. Forty-five minutes ahead is sufficient for Frontierland. I attended the early parade, so I was in my spot at 8:30. 

Donald Duck in a Superhero Costume on a float

The parade starts off with the Headless Horseman holding a burning pumpkin, riding the entire parade route. It’s a sight to behold and never ceases to impress me. 

Headless Horseman riding on a horse

Soon after the Horseman, we see the “Boo To You” sign, all lit up, being wheeled down the street by Cast Members, accompanied by the very catchy theme song called (what else?) “Boo To You.” The song is played repeatedly throughout the parade, and it’s hard not to join in, especially to the final words when they shout, “Happy Halloween!” The tune is creepy and fun all at once. 

Boo To You Sign with Two Cast Members moving it

Following the float with the sign, a number of characters danced down the street, sometimes interacting with guests. Many had masks attached to a stick, which they occasionally held up to display. For example, the Pooh character had an elephant mask. Other characters I spotted in this part of the parade included (but were not limited to)Tigger, Snow White, Mad Hatter, Pluto, Goofy, Alice, and Jasmine. 

Many other floats followed, all beautifully decorated, spotlighting various new and old Disney characters, as well as shout-outs to some well-loved attractions. Of course, Mickey and Minnie have a float, along with Donald and Daisy, and they are all dressed in special Halloween garb. 

Minnie Mouse in a Princess Costume on a float

We see a Pirates float, complete with Jack Sparrow waving to his adoring public. Hook and Smee walk the route, fighting as they go. Additionally, a band of pirates dances through the streets, waving flags with skeletons on them.

Jack Sparrow on a Pirate Ship float

 The Haunted Mansion section of the parade is the favorite of many-including yours truly. There are dancing ghosts in creepy costumes who waltz down the route—along with the ghost bride from the Haunted Mansion; hitchhiking ghosts on a float; and perhaps the most fun part of all, the gravediggers dancing. As they dance, they scrape their shovels along the street, creating sparks that flash against the dark street; it’s a sight to behold! 

Hitch Hiking Ghosts standing on a float

Others in the parade or on a float include: Buzz Lightyear, The Green Aliens (from Toy Story), Clarabelle the Cow, Aladdin, Peter Pan and Wendy, Donald and Daisy, Incredibles characters, Tinkerbell, Wreck it Ralph characters, quite a number of Disney villains.

Buzz Lightyear and an Alien on a float

Tinkerbell on a Treasure Chest shaped float

Some Fun Facts About Boo to You:

  • Great for kids and adults alike
  • About 20 minutes long
  •  The Toy Story segment of Boo to You Parade came from the Pixar Play Parade in Disneyland California, which is now retired.
  • The Grave Diggers discovered the sparks from their shovels by accident! A cast member practicing the performance accidentally dragged their shovel on the ground, and the choreographer noticed the sparks. 
  • Each Boo To You performance has over 175 Cast Members involved, including float drivers, choreographers, costumers, decorators, and more. 
  • Like many nighttime parades, Boo To You is challenging to photograph. With dim lights and moving performers, getting sharp shots can be challenging. A great tip is to take photos as the parade moves toward you, not as it passes you. 
  • While waiting for the parade to start in Frontierland, there was a performance of the Cadaver Dans (The Main Street USA barbershop quartet dressed as ghouls and singing Halloween tunes). I have noticed this in years past as well. 
  • For safety reasons, the Headless Horseman will not start the parade if the streets are wet from the rain.

Pumpkin Light Shaped as Mickey Mouse

Summing up: It’s a great parade, and it’s no surprise that it’s the favorite of many guests. The music, the dancing, the costumes, the floats, the lights—it all adds up to a feast for the eyes and ears and a whole lot of fun. I hope you have a chance to experience it someday if you have not already had the pleasure!



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