And We’ve Got a Winner!

Posted:  Freebies

Jiminy CricketA tip of the hat to Christin Langtry, the lucky winner of our $100 Disney Gift Card giveaway. Congratulations Christin and thank you to everyone who entered!

We received more than 100 suggestions for future blog topics. Some of them were things that are already in the works and some were ideas that were brand new to me. They were all fantastic! Of course, I’m most excited about the ones I hadn’t thought of because that means research trips – yay!

We also got a slew of new friends on facebook. Welcome! If you haven’t liked us on facebook yet, please do. We’re on there everyday sharing news, videos and all kinds of fun Disney stuff. You’re invited to join in the conversations, post a picture from your last trip or just introduce yourself and say hi. See you there…



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