A Look at a Studio at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Bay Lake Tower is the Disney Vacation Club resort located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This week I had the opportunity to stay in a studio villa for the first time and thought it was very nice. The room is modern and tastefully decorated. I liked that it was nice and colorful without the colors being too bright.

The studio can sleep four guests. The queen bed was very comfortable – not too soft or too firm.

Next to the bed is a fold-out sofa bed. It’s also very comfortable, provided you like a firm mattress.

The artwork is fun and contemporary. I liked the retro, space age feel of the pictures over the couch.

The patio was a nice size, plenty big enough for two to sit comfortably.


I was in a standard studio located near the elevator. It turned out to have a nice view of the Magic Kingdom, the tennis court, and the lake. If I didn’t sit too close to the railing I could even avoid seeing the laundry area below!



Back inside, there is a small table with two chairs located next to the entertainment center/dresser. Their are four plugs by the table which was handy for charging electronics. I usually have to scatter them all over the room. Although, I finally got smart and brought a surge protector with me on this trip.


The entertainment center/dresser has a lot of storage space. In addition to six drawers, the cabinet to the right of the television has shelves inside.


There are three doorways in the hall. The one on the left is the closet. Across from there, on the right, is the kitchenette. Just past that, closer to the door, is the bathroom. It has a sliding door. Across from the bathroom was a connecting door to the next room. This space is perfect for storing luggage.

The closet has all kinds of stuff in it: a luggage rack, pack and play crib, safe, vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board and hangers.


The safe is big, large enough to hold a couple laptops or large cameras.


Next, we move on to the kitchenette. I liked that it was in its own little room. It made it feel more like a real kitchen. The large mirror at the end gives the illusion of even more space. There’s plenty of storage space. Right next to the mirror is a big pull-out pantry. Appliances include a small fridge, microwave, toaster, and coffee pot.




On the opposite wall is a little alcove with extra counter space above some shelves. There is a mirror above it and curiously, a hair dryer on one of the shelves. Since there was another dryer in the bathroom, I think this space was meant to be used as another place for someone to get ready in the morning while the bathroom is being used by someone else. Although it’s a creative way to maximize the space in a small room, I don’t think I’d be inclined to blow dry my hair in the kitchen.


Lastly, we have the bathroom. It is nice and bright and has room to move around. There are shelves above the sink and a cabinet below. I liked that the bathroom was a bit removed from the living space of the room.





~ Barrie Brewer, Social Media Director

14 thoughts on "A Look at a Studio at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort"

  1. Cindy says:

    Stayed at BLT last year and we loved it! Plenty of room for my mom, aunt and me. There was enough space for 3 women to get ready in the morning, which some resorts do not have. The location is unbeatable, a 5 minute walk to MK was easy and took less time then dealing with the monorail or bus.

  2. jstasking says:

    question about the kitchen — can it fit a pack n play in it? having a quiet separate place for a baby/toddler to sleep is a BIG deal for most parents.

    1. barrie says:

      jstasking – So sorry I missed your comment. That’s a good question. I don’t actually know if it would fit. I haven’t seen a pack n play opened up. The kitchen is pretty narrow, I’d guess about 3 feet. You might try asking on our Facebook page. I’m sure someone has tried it. ~ Barrie

  3. pcyopick says:

    It fit myself, my son (12), and my twin girls(9) just fine. It’s a bit tight, but we think it’s worth the smaller room space for the location during the day, the amazing pool, and the fireworks at night.

  4. pcyopick says:

    We moved the table and chairs out to the balcony, so the four of us could watch the fireworks.

    BTW, if you want the music accompaniment for the fireworks, it’s on one of the Disney information TV channels. Works great.

  5. mbw says:

    love the details. would you recommend it for a family of 4? one year we had a reservation there and ended up changing it to the Grand Floridian as I thought it would have been too crowded. Thoughts?

    1. barrie says:

      Well, I was trying to think about that earlier. I think it depends on your particular family. I think there is plenty of space, it’s just arranged differently than, say, Saratoga. It did feel a little smaller to me, slightly, but they did a good job with the furniture to make it functional and practical. For example, the table is small. It would work for two, but it would be tight for four. But, if you don’t use the table, that doesn’t matter. There’s lots of space in the bathroom if your family doesn’t mind sharing the space. If you’d all rather have privacy, then a room with the sink outside of the bathroom might be better for you. That’s why I like to share pictures. I think it’s easier when you can actually see the setup. ~ Barrie

    2. barrie says:

      mbw – if you are still worried about space, you might want to consider the villas at Old Key West. They are the biggest ones, noticeably so. ~ Barrie

  6. MelissaJ20 says:

    Thank you, I love this space, very Disney without the over the top color etc.. VERY nice!

    1. barrie says:

      You’re welcome! ~ Barrie

  7. moira222 says:

    Great photos. Love the detail! Is the coffee maker a full size, 12 cup? because the packets in the drawer look like they are for the mini 4-cup coffee makers.

    1. barrie says:

      Yes, the coffee pot is a 12 cup pot. ~ Barrie

  8. pcyopick says:

    We’ve stayed in a studio last year, and are going again for New Years eve.

    They are smaller than other studios, but still more than fine for 4 people. Thousands of families stay in smaller rooms in the value resorts.

    One thing you failed to photograph which I think is important. In your kitchen photo, there’s a vertical handle showing. Pulling that out there is a mini-wall storage unit, perfect for cereals, snacks and other non-perishables. We order groceries every trip, and it was amazing just how much that pull-out storage unit holds.

    1. barrie says:

      Yes, that pantry is great. I do have a photo of it somewhere, but I’ve taken so many on this trip that I couldn’t find it in time for this post. When I come across it, I’ll be sure to add it. ~ Barrie

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